Whoops: White House spokesman inadvertently wishes away Netanyahu.

Out of the mouth of Josh Earnest came what the heart of the Obama adminsitration is full of. The desire to get rid of Netanyahu.
Out of the mouth of Josh Earnest came what the heart of the Obama adminsitration is full of. The desire to get rid of Netanyahu.

Josh Earnest misunderstands and mis-answers an awkwardly worded question on Obama, Iran, and the Israeli PM, swiftly corrects himself

In the midst of a bitter dispute between the Israeli and American governments, White House spokesman Josh Earnest endured an embarrassing slip on Friday, mishearing an awkwardly worded question and inadvertently answering in a way that suggested the Obama administration wants to see the back of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He quickly realized the error and corrected himself.

The slip-up was promptly broadcast on Israel’s top-rated Channel 2 news, in an item highlighting a deepening row between the leaderships of the two allied countries over an imminent visit to Washington by Netanyahu, during which President Barack Obama will not meet with him, and over the issue of how to stop Iran’s nuclear drive.

The question Earnest was asked at the White House briefing ran as follows:

“You said that the president wants the Israeli prime minister to share his view on Iran. Is that safe to say that you would welcome a change of Israelis’ prime minister?”

The spokesman, evidently not registering the second part of the question, responded:

 “In fact we would. And that’s a case that we’ve made to him on many occasions. And a case has been made at a variety of levels. But ultimately it’s the responsibility of the Israeli prime minister to pursue a national security strategy that he believes is in the interests of his country. The president happens to have a difference of opinion, which is: he believes that it is worth pursuing this diplomatic option with the Iranians. And he believes that doing so is not just in the national security interests of the United States, but it’s in the national security interests of our closest ally in the region, which is Israel.”

Source: The Times of Israel

My comment:

The Israeli and US relations have reached another low, truly a nadir.

Who will outlive who? Obama or Netanyahu?

Who will be the first to leave the office?

President Barrak Hussein Obama has failed to abolished Zionism from the Governmental offices in Israel. Now Hussein Obama sees his chance, by openly supporting the claimed “Zionist camp” in the upcoming Israeli election.

But will the left-center opposition in Israel uphold the values of Zionism?

To get his way, Obama must get rid of a Likud lead coalition, with Benjamin Netanyahu as the Prime Minister.  The best why of doing this seems to be by claiming to be a “real Zionist”.  Deception creeps in when the true meaning of words are changed, while the people are sleeping.

The problem with the “Zionist camp” lead by the Israeli Labor party, is that they are willing to make parts of Judea and Samaria a “no-go zone” for Jews. Not only will the Biblical heartland of Israel be surrendered to the sons of Muhammad, but also the control of Jerusalem will be up for negotiations. This kind of rejectionist policies has nothing to do with Zionism. It is anti-Zionism, royally supported by the Obama Administration.

Unfortunately, the secular israeli society will abandon the commands of their own God. The day will arrive, when they will not be good caretakers of Zion. During the passover in Egypt, the Hebrews quickly forgot what God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had done for them. Likewise today, the restoration of 1948 seems to be a blurred memory. Approximately half of the Israelis seems to desire their nation to become like all other nations.  Jerusalem will one day be like Sodom and Egypt, a disgrace is the view of God the Creator. The Father of the eternally begotten Son, Yeshua the Messiah.

Their bodies will lie in the public square of the great city—which is figuratively called Sodom and Egypt—where also their Lord was crucified.

The ruling Barack Hussein in the White House is surely like a snake in the grass. He will use any opportunely to surface, and bite the nation of Israel. This style of operation, is very much like what took place in the perfect garden of Eden when the snake deceived God’s perfect creation. Obama questions the Israelis: “Have God really said?”.

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