Cameron rebuke the Pope on Islam

We must show we are stronger than the Islamist extremists “poisonous death cult narrative”.

David Cameron should stop giving the Pope's a red carpet welcome, discening their betrayals.
David Cameron should stop giving the Pope’s red carpet welcomes, but rather discern and expose the Pope’s betrayal of the gospel.

British Prime Minister David Cameron defended the right to speech that gives offense to others’ religious beliefs, in a rebuttal to Pope Francis who said there should be limits

In an interview that aired Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation, Cameron said the West must show that its values, like free speech, are stronger than those of Islamist extremists pursuing a “poisonous death cult narrative.

The Queen and the Pope seeks reunion.
The Queen and the Pope still represent two different religious movements and churches.

“I think in a free society, there is a right to cause offense about someone’s religion. I’m a Christian. If someone says something offensive about Jesus, I might find that offensive but in a free society I don’t have a right to wreak my vengeance upon them,” Cameron said.
“We have to accept that newspapers, magazines can publish things that are offensive to some as long as it’s within the law,” he said

Cameron, who was interviewed after his meeting here Friday with US President Barack Obama, was responding to the pope’s comments suggesting that religion should be off limits

Source: The Daily Mail.

My comment:

There is a gap between the Catholic world and the free reformed Christian world.

While the Pope sides with the Sons of Muhammad, and say they have a right to “punch” when they feel offended, David Cameron defend the true Christian faith. Jesus the Messiah never told us to punch anyone.  But to stand firm on our Judeo-Christians values.

The Pope likes to visit the schrines of Islam, and evn pray towards Mecca.
The Pope likes to visit the shrines of Islam, and even pray towards Mecca.

David Cameron in a fruit of the Reformation. Anglican England renounced the evils of the Papacy, and established a partly free Church under the King of Westminster.  Unfortunately the revival of the Anglican Church was short-lived. The blasphemous mass was not abolished, its liturgy  just changed a bit. Today, its Bishops and priests desire to be back under the claimed Petrine leadership of the Pope.

  James 4:7-8

Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

David Cameron is still a free soul, a man who are capable and willing to rebuking the Pope, and not be under his submission.  Let us pray that the Prime Minister of Great Britain will find mercy with Jesus the Messiah, and Cameron being found inside the eternal kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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  1. “For the love of money is the root of all evil : which while some coveted after , they have erred from the faith , and pierced themselves through with many sorrows . {erred: or, been seduced}”
    (The First letter of Paul to the Timithy 6. 10) King James Bible

    City of London Corporation is the financial, Washington District Columbia is the military, and that the Vatican is religious, – jesuits – illuminati – Luciferian(Roman Empire).

    The fact that the Square Mile they proclaim has two “soldiers” protecting it. They are named Gog and Magog, and they wear Roman uniforms! They are paraded through the City of London every year, and are named as the protectors of the Square Mile, pagan occult. : ( The City of London is they proclaim protected by the Roman Empire, and that is clearly the message that the City wants to show the world!

    If one considers that the entire world financial system is centered in the Square Mile, with help from Wall Street, Hong Kong, etc., then one can see how this financial system is making war (financial war), against the nations as we speak. We can see that this system has gone haywire, with the middle classes of the G7 being decimated. Yet the financial system is stronger than ever as sovereignty goes by the wayside.

    The City of London rules the US FED (The Federal Reserve from year 1913) and Wall Street, The rulers of the USA, … The US was founded by Masons and Illuminati in the year 1776 for The City of London Corporation.

    In the seven hills of Rome is headquarters for the Roman Catholic Church in the Vatican State, occult pagan Luciferian.

    The Vatican and The Jesuits…/esp_vatican37.htm
    Oversett denne siden
    It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into … Furthermore note that the Jesuit Order, the Catholic clergy and the Military … (economic center) (sovereign state since 1649, owned by the City of London … Carroll allowed funding to construct D.C. (which is nicknamed “Rome on the Potomac”).

    Luciferian Crown Empire – Crown Temple – City of London Corporation – Jesuit Merchants
    David Cameron A Satanist – [ILLUMINATI]
    The queen of the illuminati and head of the satanic committee of 300 .
    Baal (Allah) and Ashtaroth (Easter) in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    The Roman Catholic and Islamic Connection
    The Catholic And Islamic Luciferian Connection
    GLOBAL RESET In The Making – An Ecomomic Collapse and WORLD WAR 3 Elite Agenda
    Skull & Bones!!NEVER BEFORE SEEN REVELATION!! It’s OVER for Them

    September 11 (US 9.11) was notified in various ways before 2001, cartoon for “kids” on TV, banknote, and in film (the Jonathan Kleck has shown earlier).
    Now it’s come warning of a nuclear attack on New York, in various ways. It is only matter of time before New York is attacked : (.
    Have you or your contacts some acquaintance in New York?

  2. Yes it is all but over for the wicked. not to forget if we do not bless the Jews , a debt to them who has blessed the whole world. In gen 12:3 it also says for those who are not against Israel but do nothing is accursed too. and we know the WW3 and others before that, that G-d said Israel will win them all. Israel will win the attack from the nations mentioned in Psalms 83, the attack on Iran’s Nuke and making Rubble out of Damascus. the last war when Israel is getting weak as all nations are attacking, that is when Almighty G-d will Roar thru Zion and destroy them all and take away the sins of the Jews. He tells us He is coming with Redemption for them and we know HE blinded them against seeing Yeshua as Messiah for us heathen so we could have the power to become sons of G-d..The coming war is already began and we know that all the nations are playing their game of war against each other, but in the end all will reunite together with Russia to attack Israel..they are all loosers in the end…G-d said He would expose them all, even in the churches….yet so many are so blind..and will have NO Excuse. some are waking up , lets pray they do as the end of this life as we know it is over and we are to count it as joy and will see our L-rd Face to Face..what a glad day that will be. the comment above is true..learn from History ..but they don’t and it repeats it. what a shame….Shalom G-d bless you Ivar

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