Israel challenged by kangaroo court

Based on a PLO complaint, the International Criminal Court announced it would begin a preliminary examination of Israel for possible warcrimes.

The war crimes tribulal is a kangaroo court that pervert justice.
The war crimes tribulal is a kangaroo court that pervert justice, now also a tool that can be used by Islamic terrorists in the PLO.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called US Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday, shortly after the International Criminal Court announced it would begin a preliminary examination of Israel’s actions during last summer’s Operation Protective Edge, following the Palestinian Authority’s allegations of Israeli war crimes. Netanyahu reportedly asked Kerry to offer a strident response to this first step on the potentially long and complex road to indictments, and the State Department indeed promptly issued an emphatic denunciation of the ICC’s move.

Netanyhu should put his trust in God of Israel and not John Kerry.
Netanyhu should put his trust in God of Israel and not John Kerry.

Washington is deeply unhappy with the ICC’s decision, and its fervent opposition to the probe extends beyond a simple show of support for Israel. The US is not a member of the international tribunal and has historically been wary of it. America’s relations with the court have demonstrated significant concern that The Hague’s critical lens could be turned toward American military actions as well. The current preliminary examination creates a potentially dangerous precedent for the United States: an ICC probe launched against a Western non-member state.

In 2002, Bush did not just withdraw the US signature on the Rome Statue, which established the ICC, but also signed into law the American Service Members’ Protection Act. The legislation authorizes the president to “use all means necessary and appropriate to bring about the release of any person described in subsection (b) who is being detained or imprisoned by, on behalf of, or at the request of the International Criminal Court.”

In addition to people employed by or working on behalf of the United States government, the subsection includes “covered allied persons,” meaning “military personnel, elected or appointed officials, and other persons employed by or working on behalf of the government of a NATO member country, a major non-NATO ally, or Taiwan.” Israel is among the handful of states listed as major non-NATO allies.

In short, if the ICC holds any Israeli for trial, the president of the United States can deploy Delta Force to break them out of prison.

Source: The Times of Israel

My comment:

It is a sad story, to read about Benjamin Netayahu crawling before US Secretary of state John Kerry, begging him to stop the War crimes tribunal to act against Israel.

Israel lower it self to a banana republic under the state that has made this tribunal into a kangaroo court.  Since the US has passed a law that US soldiers can not be tried by any tribunal outside of the USA, justice is perverted.  No one can touch Uncle Sam, and book his war criminals.

That this tribunal in the Hague entertain an Arabic terror-organizations accusations against Israel, is nothing but expected. It is symptomatic of the rising antisemitism in Europe. The same Fascist attitudes of the Nazis, has been transmitted into the hearts and minds of anti-Zionists in Ramallah, Paris and Berlin.

Unfortunately for non-believing Israelis, they will soon see their leaders panicking.  When all nations rise against the Jewish state, they will bid for a compromise, for the sake of “peace”. Zionism will be abolished, and the reign of the last and final false “prince of peace” will be established. The Israeli believers in Yeshua the Messiah will remain calm. They have, already experienced the eternal peace of God. This peace can only come by a surrender to the true Prince of peace. By His blood He has saved us from our sins, and ended the former hostility between us and God.

Surrender to Him today. And you will not panic as the world fall into chaos and confusion. We are eagerly awaiting His second coming. Amen.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Israel challenged by kangaroo court

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  1. First and formost this court is filled with Arab half breeds who have not any sense of justice 2, PM Natanyahu should ignore this sham court as none
    existent. 3,Israel is a nation established in the covenant of God
    Therefor any decision by the court is null and void period.

    1. Dear danieljoseph1948

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      This court do not touch the super powers with VETO powers in the United Nations. Its a court that take on the B-nations of the World, that do not submit to the untochabels, Amercians, Russians, Chineese, Franks and Britts.

      If someone do not do as Uncle Sam says, He can be prosecuted. But the criminals paid by Uncle Sam can walk away. Slobondan of Sebria was no saint. But the USA and NATO took him to the Haage. Unfortuantley he died of a heart attack, and could not expose the kangeroo court that has arrested him and charged him with war crimes.

      This tribubal in the Haage is a continuation of the Imperial order of the World, and is a shamfull disgrace.

  2. If Israel looks to USA for support. USA will betray Israel one day. Israel only fortress is Yeshua whom they rejected. Israel will learn the painful lesson during the end times. Everything will happen according to God’s prophetic timetable.

  3. If Israel trust in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob they have nothing to fear. If they do not they have everything to fear.

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