Islamic arson attack on German media

Hamburger Morgenpost was attached by a firebomb: The latest arson attack on a German newspaper that printed Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

Germany will face the Jihad. The arond attack on the daily in Hamburg is yet another example.
Germany will face the Jihad. The arond attack on the daily in Hamburg is yet another example.

Arsonists have firebombed the offices of a German newspaper which printed cartoons from the French magazine Charlie Hebdo, police in Hamburg said.

The Hamburger Morgenpost had, like many German media outlets, published images from the satirical weekly in the aftermath of a terror attack that saw 10 of its journalists killed on Wednesday.

The fire department will not be able to stop the Sons of Muhammad.
The fire department will not be able to stop the Sons of Muhammad.

Police said rocks were thrown through the cellar windows of the building in the early hours of Sunday morning, followed by an “incendiary device”.

Source: The Independent

My comment:

The highest calling for the sons of Muhammad is Jihad, or “Holy war”. The Koran explains that their “prophet” was a man intimidation and violence. Very unlike Jesus the Messiah, who called us to love our enemies, and pray for those who persecute us.

Europe is sinking into the gutter of a post-Christianity civil war. Yet another clash of civilizations. Agian Europe is under threat of cold blooded barbarians.

In the name of humanism radical Islam is permitted to build a bridgehead in Paris, London and Berlin.  The arson attack on a newspaper in Germany, is yet another example. The terrorists have millions of supporters, and are soon ready for the final battle for the continent.

The Christian blessings of Europe is history. By intimidation and fear, the whole of mankind will soon be forced into submission. A false Messiah, an antichrist will rise. And the whole world will hail him. In fact, not all. Not those who have got their name written in the book of life, by the Messiah. Jesus of Nazaret.

Written by Ivar

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  1. G-d won’t be mocked..what France, Europe , and many other nations have done to Israel, G-d promised a return double on them. it is payday today. If America doesn’t send in the Army and remove the muslim that is destroying the US and his buddies. we will fall. it is not far off. G-d said He would send the enemies to sons who disobey HIS Law and try to destroy HIS Chosen People. Yet He says HE will never destroy His People and will again have compassion on them Romans 11:1. that HE blinded them to messiah so us heathen could have the power to become sons of G-d. this replacement religion is false and those who are believers in HIM are grafted into Israel, not the church..Romans nine, ten and eleven..Those who do not pray for Israel and suport them as we owe them a debt we cannot repay, who gave us the G-d of Israel, prophets and scripture and how Salvation came thru the Jews. some say, how odd that so called Christians believe in Yeshua but hate the Jews as Messiah is a Jew..All the signs are here and HE is coming and sadly many peoples won’t make it..G-d’s word is truth. IF Christians do not STAND and hire good G-dly people in Gov and HOLD them accountable we will fail..Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the people and bless them or be cursed. Gen 12:3..Shalom…G-d bless you Ivar—G-d’s word is truth and every man a liar who speaks against HIS Word..

    1. Amen Mama Bear! The only thing I might add to what you said, is that the “fullness of the Gentiles” is Ephraim (Gen. 48:19), the northern 10 tribes or, the “house of Israel,” who were mixed with the Gentile nations (Amos 9;9, 11-12). Some became known as the Scythians and migrated into Europe, the Cimmerians into Russia, and since from these places… the Israelites are the fullness of the Gentiles, and will be brought back in at the return of Messiah (Zech. 9:16-17).

  2. Rome is not the beast empire, it is Islam. Anti-christ will arise from the nations of Islam. As nation after nation accept the Islamic agenda into their societies, seeds of evil continue to be planted. Those who advocate and participate in such acts of evil are NOT radical muslims – they ARE Muslims who follow the teachings of Muhammad and the Quran. To think otherwise is to have ones head buried deeply in the sand.

  3. Blood-thirsty Islam is merely a tool of Satan. He is seeking to pave the way for his son, Antichrist, and is apparently content to use more than a billion Muslims to do so. But, Christians will remember what we are told, in the Book of Revelation: that the Antichrist and his henchmen will merely use false religion (Mystery Babylon) to rise to power but then destroy “her”.

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