China, Russia and France demanded an enforced “peace solution” on Israel within 12 months. As demanded by the Islamic jihad forces in the United Nations.

An Islamic terror-organization is permitted to operate inside the UN, in a bid to destroy the state of Israel.
An Islamic terror-organization is permitted to operate inside the UN, in a bid to destroy the state of Israel.

France, China and Russia were among the countries that supported a United Nation (UN) Security Council resolution setting a 12-month deadline for negotiations on a final peace deal with Israel and an imposed full Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank and East Jerusalem by the end of 2017. Argentina, Chad, Chile, Jordan and Luxembourg also voted for the resolution.

Australia and the United States voted against.

Until shortly before the vote, council diplomats had expected the resolution to get nine “yes” votes. Had this been the case, the US would likely have used its veto to block the resolution. But Nigeria, which had been expected to vote “yes,” abstained at the last minute, leaving the Palestinian Authority one vote short of the required number.

French Foreign Minister Laurent order his troops in the UN to support Jihad and totalitarian forces.
The French Socialist Foreign Minister Laurent ordered his troops in the UN to support Jihad and totalitarian forces in the ongoing war on Israel.

Nigeria’s ambassador, U. Joy Ogwu, echoed the US position saying the ultimate path to peace lies “in a negotiated solution.”
The other four abstentions were those of the UK, Lithuania, South Korea and Rwanda.

Israel was quick to capitalize on its diplomatic victory over the Palestinian Authority, with its envoy calling PA conduct at the UN a “march of folly” and its effort to win UN support for a peace deal within a year a “provocation.” The Palestinians, meanwhile, lamented what they called the paralysis of the council.

The Ynet News site noted that Israeli diplomats were disappointed with France, which supported the resolution despite its objections to its wording and its failed attempt to bring through a much more moderate version.

Source: The Times of Israel

My comment:

This was a close shave for Israel, where claimed to be democratic and Christian nations supported Jihad and totalitarian forces in the United Nations.

Jihad is all about submission to Islam. According to Islam, there should be no Jewish state of Israel. Since all of the Middle East has to obey the sons of Muhammad. The Jewish people do not.

Unfortunately an Islamic terror organization has a seat in the United Nations. The PLO. It would be correct to ask why only on group of Jihad’ists have a sear there?

Why exclude the Hamas, who de facto is supported by the majority of the claimed “Palestinians”?

Why has there not been an election in Gaza and Ramallah since 2005?

While the PLO do not represent a state, ISIL do. So if there was any fairness in the business of the United Nations, the Islamic state should be granted a seat next to Syria or Iraq.


How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people.

So to the new age definition of the word “peace”:

Nation’s like China and Russia obviously have their own understanding of the word “peace”. It is not people who co-exist with our harming each other, but rather an existence based on submission to relevant authority. In China the only relevant authority is the totalitarian Communist party.  In Russia it is to the decision ‘s taken by Vladimir Putin.

Now France has joined this exclusive club of promoter of totalitarian attitudes, together with the mini-put tax heaven of Luxembourg.  Surely many Europeans will be lead back to the days of the rule of the Fascists.

Jesus the Messiah told us of a great falling away and widespread apostasy, as we approach the end of the age, and His second coming. That pagans in China and Russia do not understand their own best, is fully understandable. But that Christians is main-land Europe seems to have understood nothing from their former and present antisemitism, is all about an ongoing spiritual disaster.

Written by Ivar