Sweden embrace socialism and Islam

The Conservative party in Sweden secure enforcement of Socialism and Sharia by voting against its own ideology.

Socialist Prime Minsiter Stefan Löfven will see Conservative  Anna Kinberg voting in favor of Socialist economics in Sweden.
Socialist Prime Minsiter Stefan Löfven will see Conservative Anna Kinberg voting in favor of Socialist economics in Sweden.

Sweden’s left and green government has reached a deal with the main Conservative opposition resulting in a minority government and avoiding the need for snap elections.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven called early polls after losing a budget vote about three months into his term.

Under the deal, Mr Lofven will follow the opposition’s budget next year, although he can make some changes.

The government failed to push through its budget when the far-right Sweden Democrats sided with the opposition. The Sweden Democrats emerged as a power broker after September’s elections. The election – called for 22 March – would have been Sweden’s first early poll since 1958.

Deal until 2022

Speaking during a press conference in Stockholm on Saturday, PM Lofven said that he was pleased to have reached a deal.
“Sweden has a tradition of solving difficult problems,” he told reporters.

“I am happy that… Sweden can be governed.”

The deal was reached between Mr Lofven’s centre-left Social Democrats and Greens Alliance, and the four-party centre-right group known as Alliance.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

I do not pay to much attention to Sweden, the first EU nation to embrace the Islam proposed state of “Palestine”.

But what took place in Sweden last week is just another prof that the Marxist-Islamic nexus is forced upon former democratic nations.

The Conservative party in Sweden will go down in history as the first of its kind to embrace marxism, by voting in Parliament against its own ideology and program.

This is truly remarkable.

The votes of the Conservatives will secure that the government in Sweden will continue to live in submission to Sharia. The new unique Swedish Marxist-Conservative alliance will secure that Muslims can continue to mass-immigrate to Sweden.  The city of Malmø already have more than 25 per cent Muslim immigrants, and will propebaly be the first Islamic city in Scandinavia.

Where did Sweden go wrong?

How could the Skandinavian model of governance and values so easily be destroyed?

Let me recall that 13 per cent of the Swedes electorate did vote for more strict immigration rules. But to keep the party “Sverige Demokratana” without any political power,  the Swedish elite chose to rather submit to the demands of Muslims.

There is obvious a prize to pay for any post-Christian nations, who start to believe in and support the Islamic narrative to history and world politics.  Many inside the Swedish elite has given their daughters in marriage to Muslim men, and silently have embraced Islam as the religion of their family.

The road that leads to destruction are obviously broad, and many people will not make it to the eternal kingdom of heaven.

Repent or perish
Written by Ivar

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  1. Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Down the road a few years when they start losing the heads it will be too late. But the EU is domed any way so this really makes no difference! By 2050 all of the EU will be Muslim and then the slaughter of the remaining ethnic Europeans will began!

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