The PLO and Hamas are winning their propaganda war against the state of Israel, warns former member of Knesset.

MK Einat Wilf claims the Arabs are getting global support for antisemitism.
Former MK Einat Wilf warns that the Arabs are getting global support for their antisemitism.

Former Labor and Independence MK Einat Wilf giving a stern warning.

Wilf spoke at the Sharon Hotel in Herzliya Pituah to members of the Israel Britain and the Commonwealth Association. She spoke about the “Palestinian” winning the propaganda war:

- They resorted to the war of words – a war that, so far, Israel is losing.

 Palestinians and their supporters talk about settlements, occupation, colonialism and apartheid.

“This is all part of the Palestinian strategy of planting words, images, ideas and arguments into people’s minds,” said Wilf.

“The world’s greatest atrocities were preceded by preparing people’s minds that what they were about to commit was not an atrocity but something they were doing for a noble cause,” said Wilf, noting that most people don’t think of themselves as evil.

But what is happening with the use of specific words she said is “a strategic threat.  It’s a real danger.”

Outlining the methodology, Wilf said that it starts with placard strategy equating Zionism and Israel with racism, imperialism, apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

Source: The Jerusalem Post:

My comment:

The ultimate deception take place when evil people manage to change the meaning of words, by replaceing all substance of truth.

In the case of Israel, the World do not want to listen to truth based on realities. Because the sinful heart of all humans are exposed by God of Israel. Man is a fallen being, a sinner disconnected from its Creator God. And all men will will face judgment.

Only if Israel is gone, the Bible can be proven to be incomplete and full of errors. As long as Israel stands, the past and and present evils of the World remains exposed. Only if Israel is errased, the Messiah can not return to His own chosen people when landing on the Mount of Olives in East Jerusalem.

Lets examine how Muslim terrorists, who walk in suits in Ramallah, have succeeded in using editors in the International media to support outright evil. The false Arabian claims against Israel is being repeated, without any balanced inquiery and without Israelis being invited to give their comment.


A claim of a race being superior, or of higher value than another.

Is Israel racist?

Absolutely not. The Jewish people do not even claim supremacy inside their own land. The Arab minority has Israeli citizenship, have elected members of Knesset and can own properties all over Israel.


  The bid to expand a defined national territory into an empire.

Is Israel imperialistic?

Absolutely not. In 1967 and 1973 the Israeli army (IDF) captured the Sinai desert. The IDF was also present on the west side of the Suez chanel, and on its way to Cairo. Every centimeter of Egyptian land was returned as a part of the Camp David peace treaty in 1979.

The Kingdom of Jordan has surrendered its claim to Judea and Samaria, and East Jerusalem. Israel do not occupy a centimeter of Jordanian land.

Syria refused to enter into any peace negotiations with Israel, who hold on to the captured and liberated Golan Heights.

Israel captured Southern Libanon in 1981, after several PLO terror attacks inside Israel. These attacks were planned and excected by terrorists using Lebanese soil. After the war, Israel returned every centimeter of Lebansese land.


A former white supremacy regime in South Africa, where native Africans were refused full citizenship, ownership of land restricted, and excluded from major sectors of businesses and the labor market.

Is Israel an apartheid state?  

Absolutely not. Israel is the radical opposite, since two million Arabs live inside Israel with full Israeli citizenship. The Arab nations are on the contrary apartheid states. Jews are refused even visas to enter these nations.

 Ethnic cleansing. 

A sucessful bid to remove, or drive away an ethical group from a clearly defined area of their origin.

Has Israel been involved in ethical cleansing?  

Absolutely not. In 1948, Israel first prime minister David Ben Gurion appealed to all Arabs in the British mandate area, not to leave Zion, but rather help the Jews to build a homeland for both Jews and Arabs.  The Jewish people still have one not negotiable demand. They will remain a majority. Since Israel is the only state in the world where the Jews are in majority.  According to the Bible, their promised land.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all who are willing to accept the truth.  Amen.

Written by Ivar