Pope Francis seems to be very unhappy with the priesthood who lifted him to the top in the Vatican, detecting a problem of “Spiritual Alzheimer’s”.

The Pope often say he has seen better days. May be he is a part of the problem he has detected.
The Pope often say he has seen better days. May be he is a part of the problem he has detected.

Pope Francis issued a blistering critique Monday of the Vatican bureaucracy that serves him, denouncing how some people lust for power at all costs, live hypocritical double lives and suffer from “spiritual Alzheimer’s” that has made them forget they’re supposed to be joyful men of God.

Francis’ Christmas greeting to the cardinals, bishops and priests who run the Holy See was no joyful exchange of holiday good wishes. Rather, it was a sobering catalogue of 15 sins of the Curia that Francis said he hoped would be atoned for and cured in the new year.
He had some zingers: How the “terrorism of gossip” can “kill the reputation of our colleagues and brothers in cold blood.” How cliques can “enslave their members and become a cancer that threatens the harmony of the body” and eventually kill it by “friendly fire.” About how some suffer from a “pathology of power” that makes them seek power at all costs, even if it means defaming or discrediting others publicly.

Francis, who is the first Latin American pope and never worked in the Italian-dominated Curia before he was elected, has not shied from complaining about the gossiping, careerism and bureaucratic power intrigues that afflict the Holy See. But as his reform agenda gathers steam, he seemed even more emboldened to highlight what ails the institution.

Source: The New York Post

My comment:

In the catechism of the Roman Catholic Church we can read that the priesthood of the Church is “holy”.

But not so, according to the “Holy Father”. The Vatican seems to be full of gossiping ad careerism. In fact “terrorism of gossip”, a cancer that can kill.

The problem for the first Jesuit Pope, is that he address the same priesthood who lifted Him to the ultimate seat of power.

Argentinian Jorge Mario Bergoglio started his career as an alter boy, serving the local “holy” father. Because of his ability to succeed in his careerism, he was elevated to bishop and later to the office of Cardinal.

The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?

It is the first time I have heard about “spiritual Alzheimer”. But since it has been identified as a problem mentioned in plural, and within a very small geographical area, it is most likely contagious.

This Pope is surely an extraordinary Pontiff. Now we have the infallible Pope’s verdict. The Roman Catholic Church is a club for elderly men, who not only should have been suspended from services. But also have been placed under spiritual medical care.

Written by Ivar