IDF Rabbi expose Islam

Rafi Peretz says most of Temple Mount is not holy to Islamic faith.

The chief Rabbi of the IDF tell the truth about
Chief Rabbi Rafi Peretz in the IDF tell the truth about Islam.

IDF chief rabbi Rafi Peretz downplayed Muslim religious ties to Jerusalem, and said that the majority of the followers of the Quran know nothing of its contents, in comments brought to light Wednesday.

According to a transcript of a lesson at the Otzem pre-military yeshiva, published on the Kipa website on Wednesday, the military rabbi said on November 3 that Jews were more well-versed in the Quran than Muslims.

The Musims put their but up against the Dome of the Rock when they pray in Jerusalem.
The Musims put their but up against the Dome of the Rock when they pray in Jerusalem.

The IDF said in response that the remarks had been taken out of context, but apologized nonetheless.
“In the Quran, there is not even one reference to the word Jerusalem. Not even a hint. The Arabs are imagining things. Ninety percent of them don’t know what’s written in the Quran. We know far better than they do,” Peretz said during a lecture on the biblical book of Genesis.

Source: The Times of Israel

My comment:

While the IDF chief rabbi tells the truth about Islam, the majority of other religious teachers live in ignorance. Or even worse. They know the truth, put purposely accept lies.

The city of Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran. Not even once.  The Imam’s claims that the Koran-based city of al-Quds (the holy) is Jerusalem. But this can not be so, since the city of Jerusalem was  founded more than 2.000 years before the Koran was written.

Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers.

When Islam crippled and destroyed many of the ancient societies in the Middle East, both Judaism and Biblical Christianity were eplaced by a wicked and violent ideology. From 630 A.D onwards, the Islamic carnage led to the capture of slaves, and to hundreds of thousands being martyred. The sons of Muhammad behaved like barbarians, slaughtering people with swords. Not unlike how radical sons of Muhammad behave today.

The only way to deal with Islam is to contain it within limited areas. When the Muslims become more than 20 per cent of a population is any given county, there is an almost 100 per cent surety of civil war.

Islam must not be permitted to spread beyond the nations where it already rule the government.  The nations who have embraced the Biblical faith in Jesus the Messiah must reject any false teacher who accept the sons of Muhammad as followers of God. Stop them before they reach the immigration counter.

Written by Ivar

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