Demand to revoke CNN Reporter’s Press Pass for attack headline.

Many Western media are involved in a systematic bid to demonize the state of Israel.
Many Western media are involved in a systematic bid to demonize the state of Israel.

Headline presenting Har Nof massacre as ‘Israeli police shot two Palestinian civilians’ crosses red line for Samaria leader.

Yossi Dagan, the head of media relations for the Samaria Regional Council, filed a formal complaint Tuesday with the Government Press Office (GPO) against a CNN reporter for equating the terrorists involved in the Har Nof massacre with the victims.

According to Dagan, American CNN reporter Ben Wedeman was responsible for the headline describing the massacre under the headline, “Israeli police shot dead two Palestinian civilians” – when, in fact, the shooters were Palestinian terrorists who killed four Jews and wounded eight others as they prayed the morning service before being killed in a gun battle with police.

Source: Israel National News.

My comment:

“Brits bombs children in Berlin”. This could have been the CNN headline in December 1944.  The motive for making such a headline would be to portray the Nazi government as fighting a noble cause to protect the people in the German capital, and make the United Kingdom look like the war criminal.

In similar way, the CNN do its best to portray the Israel police as a force that harms “Palestinians”.  Two Arabs are dead, and the CNN press the “Breaking news” button in favour of cold blooded killers. No need to tell that these two Arabs just had slaughtered four Jews during their morning prayer in a synagogue.

What can we learn from the Western media coverage of Israel?

The press in Washington D.C and Paris acts as wicked as the Arab media. The present antisemitism is as bad as the antisemitism that brought Hitler to power in Berlin.

Jesus the Messiah warned about terrible times before He return. Now, we are approaching the end of the age of grace, and the beginning of the age of judgment.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar