Emirates: Norway supports terror

The Arabian Emirate has put Islamic Council of Norway on the list of sponsors of Islamic terror.

Supporters of the Islamic revolution of Iran protest against the Islamic state as they march through Oslo.
Supporters of the Islamic revolution of Iran protest against the Islamic state as they march through Oslo.

The Norwegian Ministry of External Affairs has sent a note to The United Arab Emirate (UAE) and asked for an explanation for why Islamic Council of Norway and an Oslo based mosque, appear on a list of supporters of Islamic terrorism.

– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is unable to understand that the Islamic Council of Norway would stand on such a list. We have instructed the embassy to contact the authorities in the United Arab Emirates, and it’s already sent a note to the Foreign Ministry in Abu Dhabi where Norway asking for an explanation, State Secretary Bård Glad Pedersen (H) in an e-mail to the Norewegian tabloid “Dagbladet”.

Norwegian PM Mrs. Erna Solberg hailed the supportes of Khomeiny by quoting from the Koran.
Norwegian PM Mrs. Erna Solberg hailed the supportes of the Ayatollah’s of Iran by quoting from the Koran in front of the Norwegian Parliament.
The Norwegian king and crown prince on an earlier visit to the Oslo Mosqe
The Norwegian king and crown prince  visit the Oslo mosque put on the terror list by the UAE.

Source: Dagbladet

My comment:

It is widely known among radical Muslims, that Norway is one of the most active sponsors of Jihad. First and foremost through many of the 200.000 Muslims who have immigrated to Norway. More than 100.000 of these Muslims live in the capital Oslo, and the supporters of Islam have bypassed 20 per cent of the city’s population.  In some areas in Oslo, the Muslims have become a majority. Just like their brethren did manage in Mogadishu and Islamabad.

But the most alarming support for radical Islam is gifted through the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The political elite in Norway supports terrorism. Around 100 million US dollars a year is transferred to Islamic organizations who work for “peace” in the Middle East. Money is rooted to al-Fatah directly, and to the Hamas through the United Nations (UN).

That the semi-secular Gulf states in the UAE bells Norway as terror-sponsor, can be fully understood by anyone but the Norwegians them selves. They seems to have very little clue about the consequences of flow of Muslims across their own borders. They seems to have learned nothing for history, nor knowns much about what the Koran tell all Muslims to do. Fight the battles with the sons of Muhammad.

The co-called Oslo-protest against the Islamic state (ISIL) was an indirect mass-rally in support of the Islamic Revolution of Iran.  Even the Norwegian Prime Minister hailed the parade with Shiite Imam’s in the front row. The PM even greeted the Imam’s by quoting  from the Koran, in front of the Norwegian parliament. That Norwegians at large did not rise up and protest, display the fruits of complete indoctrination of the population. The Post-Christian Norwegian kingdom is surly on its way to doom and destruction.

It is my prayer that the rapport from the UAE will be able to awake the sleepy Norwegian. That the immigration of Muslims will be reversed, and Norwegian supporters of terrorism be arrested and put for trial.

May Jesus have mercy on all deceived souls.

Written by Ivar

2 thoughts on “Emirates: Norway supports terror

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    1. Dear john daugherty

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The Post-Christian kingdom of Norway is worth a study. It is one of the few nations on the face of the Earth, who removed Christianity from its own constitution. And rewrote the constitution, saying Christian values shall be equalised with secular humanism. The state of Norway also equalised Islam with Christianity. All religions shall be treated equally by the government.

      The most astonishing part of the story, is that Christanity was removed with support of the claimed to be “Christianity People’s Party. I was involved in the battle to avoid a constitutitional change. And faced stern opposition from apostate Christians, who have shipwrecked their faith. When a nation walk away from hundreds of years of divine protection and blessings, the downhill path will start quickly, and it will be steep.

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