Latin Americans born into Roman Catholic families have increasingly left the faith for Protestant churches.

The religious powers of Jorge Mario Bergoglio grew under the Fascist regime in Argentina.
The religious powers of Jorge Mario Bergoglio grew under the Fascist regime in Argentina.

But many others have dropped organized religion altogether in a major shift in the region’s religious identity, according to a survey released Thursday.

While 84 percent of Latin American adults report they were raised Catholic, only 69 percent currently identify as such, said the Pew Research Center in Washington.  At the same time, Protestants have gained members. About one in 10 Latin Americans were raised Protestant, but nearly one in five now call themselves Protestant. About 4 percent of Latin Americans report they were raised with no religion, but 8 percent say they have no tie to any faith.

The survey, conducted between October 2013 and February 2014, outlines the challenge for Catholic leaders in a region that was once a stronghold for the faith. Latin America still has about 425 million Catholics, or 40 percent of adherents worldwide, according to the poll. But the exodus from the church continues.

Source: Associated Press (AP).

My comment:

In 1870, the people of Rome voted for a secular city republic, and the abolishment of religious monopoly of the Roman Catholic religion. The Pope was exiled to the castle of Gaeta 120 kilometer south of Rome. It was a movement of fresh air. It was the end of religious tyranny, where the claimed leader of Christianity did no longer control a state in parts of Italy.

Unfortunately this exodus from the religious cult of the Pope was short lived.  When the Fascists rose to power in Rome in 1922, dictator Benito Mussolini desired to be the head of a state religion. In 1929 Mussolini brought the Pope back from exile, and gifted the Papacy the Vatican statehood. A deal was done.  If the Roman Catholic priesthood supported the Fascist regime, again Roman Catholicism would become the state religion in the former Roman Empire.

One of the victims of the nexus between Fascism and Roman Catholicism, are the people of Latin America. There was been no end of misery in this area of the World, from the days the Jesuits were called to evangelize the new colonies for the Papacy.  People were converted at gun point, by generals who had their full support of the papal clergy.  The crimes against humanity are limitless.  The people of Latin America was robbed of their land, enslaved and added as labors on the land they had owned.  As slaves, they had the Roman Catholic Church as new “masters” and owner of the soil.

The religious powers of the present Jesuit Pope Francis grew during the time of Fascism in Argentina. While the Argentinians acknowledge this, the religious leaders of the West ignores it, and rather hail the first Jesuit Pope.

It is my desire that all people on the surface of the Earth, should come to know this. Both about the exodus from the Catholic church in Latin America, and the wicked inclusion of Roman Catholicism as a part of Christianity in the west. By their embrace of the Papacy, the Christian leader in North America and Europe becomes partakers of the sins of Romanism, and guilty of the blood of the martyrs of Jesus.  They participate in the religious evils done in the name of “Christ”.

Renounce this compromise with popery, and embrace the true Messiah. A Jew from ancient Israel, Yeshua of Nazareth.

Written by Ivar