Hamas claims 2.500 recruited for “popular army” to liberate the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Crimes gainst children and humanity are ignored as long as Jews are the target.
Islamic crimes against children and humanity are ignored as long as Jews are the target.

Hamas declared the creation of a “popular army” at the Jabaliya refugee camp in the Northern Gaza Strip on Friday,  according to a report by the AFP.

A spokesman for the  Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades – Hamas’s military branch – said the 2,500 recruits would form “the first section of the popular army for the liberation of Al-Aksa and of Palestine,” according the AFP report,

Hamas called on all Palestinians, especially youths, to “move to save the Aksa Mosque and defend Jerusalem against the Israeli siege imposed on the city.” Friday should be turned into a “special day in the history of the Palestinian struggle to preserve our rights in Jerusalem,” it said. The movement also called on Palestinians to clash with soldiers and settlers in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Those who stopped Israel from removing the Hamas regime in Gaza, is not a single day better then the crusaders who crippled and killed Jews on their way to Jerusalem in and around 1.091 A.D.

Their aim is the same. Take, capture and secure Jerusalem for the Pope, or the false prophet Muhammad. That is why the demands of Islam and Roman Catholicism is the same: “End the Zionist occupation of Jerusalem”.

The same jew-hate and antisemitism is spreading like wildfire in the Western Civilization. The same rainbow alliance is built against the Jewish people. Like Hitler, they try to find the final solution to the Jewish problem. The western leaders who walk in suit and tie are the worst. They stand on TV and talk about “human rights” and “occupied territories”. In the next split second they send million of dollars in cash to Islamic terror organization like al-Fatah and Hamas through the United Nations (UN).

Such leaders wash their hands, and claim they have done nothing wrong. But like Abel’s blood screams towards us from the ground, the blood of murdered Jews will condemn them all on the last day of Judgment.

The battle for Jerusalem is nothing new. The city of David is a stumbling stone for all nations. Those who try to push it back under Islamic occupation, will only harm them selves. Because God of Israel has clearly said: “This is my city”.

This is the city of the temple of Solomon, the second temple where the Messiah walked, and the site where the last and final antichrist will claim global authority based on a “peace treaty”. This is also the site where the true Messiah will return, and kill the last man of lawlessness.

Yeshua of Nazareth is the Messiah.  We can not expect anyone else to return and rescue us. Amen.

Written by Ivar