Egypt bid to cripple Hamas

Egypt finds hundreds more tunnels from Gaza. Cairo build buffer zone, a week after it blamed the Hamas for deaths of 31 troops.

Egypt is destroying all houses in a buffer zone of 500 meters towards its borders with Gaza.
Egypt is destroying all houses in a buffer zone of 500 meters towards its borders with Gaza.

Egypt is reportedly doubling down on its work to set up a buffer zone with the Gaza Strip, after it discovered hundreds more tunnels running from the Hamas-run Palestinian enclave into the Sinai Peninsula.

According to a report on Sky News Arabic on Saturday, Cairo recently uncovered the tunnels using satellite imagery.

The move to set up the planned 13-kilometer (8-mile) buffer zone, which will be 500 meters (yards) wide, was begun after militants attacked an army checkpoint near Sheikh Zuweyid town last week, killing 31 soldiers. No group claimed responsibility, but Egyptian reports pointed blame at Hamas and other Gaza terror groups.

After the attack, Egypt declared a three-month state of emergency and a dawn-to-dusk curfew in the area, and indefinitely closed the Gaza crossing, the only non-Israeli passage for the crowded strip with the world.

On Wednesday, Egypt’s army demolished dozens of homes along its border with Gaza, after the military ordered residents out to make way for the planned buffer zone meant to stop terrorists and smugglers.

The plan to clear 10,000 residents from some 800 houses over just several days has angered the area’s already disgruntled population, which has long held grievances with Cairo.

“To throw 10,000 people into the street in a second, this is the biggest threat to national security,” said Ayman Mohsen, whose sister left her house located 350 meters from the border. Speaking to The Associated Press via online messages, he said the army told residents to leave on Tuesday within 48 hours, and that houses would be blown up even if people remain inside.

Over the past decade, the northern region of the Sinai Peninsula has become a hub for Islamic extremists, although insurgency has spiked since last year’s military ouster of Islamist president Mohammed Morsi. It has also spread to other parts of Egypt, with militants targeting police in Cairo and the Nile Delta.

Source: The Times of Israel

My comment:

Most of the Western political leaders are either blindfolded, or naive almost beyond forgivable. They feel that Zionism and the state of Israel is the main reason for Islamic terror in the Middle East. They believe by forcing Israel to give land for peace, there will be a peaceful settlement in the region.

Egypt is presently a Military dictatorship. But still look to Egypt. The latest massacre of 31 Egyptian soldiers do not fit into the Western secular, humanistic approach to Islamic terror.

What about the Pope’s attitiude to the conflicts in the Middle East?

I like this cartoon. Because it expose the satanic acts of the Pope in the Vatican, constantly attacking Israel’s right to protect her self against Islamic terror. Even the Pontiff is calling for islamic re-occupation of East Jeruslem, Judea and Samaria. The Pope also promotes one security rule for Israel, and one for all the other nations. This is damnable hypocrisy in the name of “Christ”.

One simple truth about the Westen hypocricy towards Israel.
One simple truth about the Westen hypocricy towards Israel.

The Islamic Jihad do not only have the destination of Jews on their mind. They will surely target secular nationalism in the Arab World.  The Koran based agenda is to demolish borders, and built an Islamic Chaliphat.  The Islamic terrorist in Gaza is contained by the Israeli Defense Force. Now the Egyptian army has a similar need to build a buffer zone at its border with the US and EU sponsored Gaza-regime.

The naivety of the western leaders is beyond what should be labeled as stupidity. It is outright evil. Behind their support for islamic terror group is an underlying antisemitism and hatred towards a God of Israel. He will eventually punish all those who rebelled against Him.  Only if Zionist Israel is gone, the western leaders can gladly proclaim that God of the Bible is a fiction. The spirit within them hope for such a solution to the Jewish problem. No Biblical Israel. No jugdment.

The western leaders takes pleasure in their extortion of the third World, in their materialism, hedonism and sins. One day their unrepented sins, will take them down the path to a confrontation with God of the Hebrews, during the return of the Son of God, Jesus the Messiah.

Be wise. Do not support this camp of evildoers.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Egypt bid to cripple Hamas

  1. This is a good example of why Egypt is prophecied to share in the blessings of Israel after the return of the Messiah. Egypt is committed to securing it’s borders and maintaining its peace with Israel. God bless Egypt and her efforts right along with Israel.

    1. Dear davidgreybeard

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      This is a good example of why Egypt is prophecied to share in the blessings of Israel after the return of the Messiah.

      My reply:

      I totally disagree. Egypt is as wicked as any nations under the sun. The General in Cairo is not righteous. He thinks about this own head, that will be cut off by the members of ISIL or Hamas, if they get a chance.

      There is no new age of grace, after the return of the Messiah. This will be the age of jugdment. Only those, who have accpeted the Lordship of the Messiah will be saved. Only those, whom He has written their names, in the book of life.

      When the general in Cairo attack the Hamas, we see Arabs fighting and weaken each other. God of the Bible let wicked people attack each other, and in this way give Israel a helping hand.

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