A US airdrop of arms to besieged Kurds in Kobani appears to have missed its target and ended up in the hands of Islamic State (Isis) militants.

And ISIL terrorists looks through some weapons dropped inside Syria by US aircrafts.
And ISIL terrorists looks through some weapons dropped inside Syria by US aircrafts.

Video footage released by Isis shows what appears to be one of its fighters for in desert scrubland with a stack of boxes attached to a parachute. The boxes are opened to show an array of weapons, some rusty, some new. A canister is broken out to reveal a hand grenade.

The Pentagon said it was investigating the claim but admitted that one of its airdrops had gone missing. If confirmed, it would be an embarrassment for the US, given the advanced precision technology available to its air force.

The seemingly bungled airdrop comes against a steady stream of US-supplied weapons being lost to Isis forces, mainly from the dysfunctional Iraqi army. Isis is reported to have stolen seven American M1 Abrams tanks from three Iraqi army bases in Anbar province last week.

The Pentagon spokesman, Rear Admiral John Kirby, told reporters that analysts at Centcom headquarters in Tampa, Florida, were examining the video. “We’re still taking a look at it and assessing the validity of it,” he said. “So I honestly don’t know if that was one of the one dropped.”

Source: The Guardian, UK

My comment:

The Obama administration has become an embarrassment to the free world. Because of the Muslim convictions of Barack Hussein Obamas, he has taken a lot of catastrophic decisions. Like fighting together with “Moderate Muslims”, to limit the powers of the “extremists”.

When advanced weapons and cash has been airlifted to the camps of the “moderates”, the former nice and friendly Muslims seems to quickly have joined the guys fighting Jihad.  At the height of the CIA’s covert operation, the USA trained and equipped 5.000 soon to become Jihad’ists. The secular forces, like the soldiers in the Kurdish army, are being killed with American weapons.

That the latest weapon drop aimed for the Kurds, ended up in the ISIL camp, comes as no surprise. The Syrian maps of the pilots might have been more than a month old, and already outdated.

The US wars in the Middle East is an ongoing disaster. All nations seems to be dragged into the “Syrian theater”. To an area, just a little bit to the east of the fields of Armageddon.

Be aware that this is the place that God of the Bible will drag all the forces of our ungodly world leaders, and take them into judgment.

Written by Ivar