Watch the uniq “bone covenant theology” being launched on 13th of October 2014. The International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem (ICEJ) let Bishop John Francis of London preach a set of unbiblical Word of Faith doctrines.

The Bishop also presented his New Age understanding of Ezekiel 37, and a new bone covenant theology.

I am always amazed by New Ager preachers like Bishop John, who can command the forces of darkness by just giving some big talks. The gathered supporters of ICEJ in Jerusalem just have to command the Hamas to surrender.  We are told we just have to vizualize the demon, and speak a New World Order into existence.

After watching this video, there seems to be a need for urgent change. This embassy needs to be renamed. So they do not continue to defame biblical Christianity. Feel free to use “Hyper Charismatic embassy”.

Published by Ivar