Norway secure 5,4 billion USD to Islamist controlled Gaza.

Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende give blood money to Islamic terrorism, using Ban-Ki Moon and United Nations.
Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende give blood money to Islamic terrorism, using Ban-Ki Moon and United Nations.

To send more than 4.000 rockets into Israel has paid off for the Hamas. The Norwegian chaired “giver forum” has raised 5,4 billion USD for the Islamist controlled Gaza, at a conference in Cairo.

This was more than 1,4 billion USD more than al-Fatha and the Hamas had asked for.

Half the sum would be “dedicated” to work in Gaza, Norwegian Foreign Minister Børge Brende said, without specifying a use for the other half.

At least 100,000 Gazans lost their homes in the 50-day conflict between Israel and Hamas earlier this year.
Much of the territory’s infrastructure was damaged.

The seven-week Gaza conflict, which ended in a truce on 26 August, killed more than 2,100 Palestinians, most of them civilians, the UN says, along with 67 Israeli soldiers and six civilians in Israel.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

To fire rockets into Israel is good business. Just ask the Hamas. The Norwegians have invested 1,25 billion USD in Gaza over the last decade. The return on this investment has more than 12.000 rockets fired towards Ashdod and Tel Aviv.

To give billions to Gaza, is like giving billions to ISIL, the Islamic Caliphat. And extremely evil gifts to areas controlled by barbarians.

The government of Norway has no shame, and not at all concerned about the Hamas being an Islamic terrorist organization. There is absolutely no demand from Oslo, that the Hamas must be removed from power in Gaza.

By giving money to Gaza, without removing the Islamic  terror regime, Norway and the other contributors will get what they desire:
1. The production of more rockets, to be fired into Israel.
2. The contractions of more attack tunnels into Israel.
3. More death and destruction inside Gaza, when Israel is forced to respond to their support of Islamic terrorism.

This is criminal neglect with the tax-payers money.

There is not many ways to get the message through to the Norwegians. The national media is as submissiv to the authorities as in China. To support Islamic terror has never brought peace. Only when the Islamic civil war erupts in the streets of Oslo, some Norwegians might understand that they have been cheated. But the multitude of sleepers will propably never get the clue. God of Israel has promised that those who sow misery and death, shall also reap misery and death.

Jesus the Messiah will return as a thief in the night. We know, because the Bible tells us so. The majority of people do not understand anything of the present warnings. Like in the days of Noah, the mockers will party, and live in denial. Fools. They pretended that their life in sin will not lead to judgment.

Written by Ivar