Nations intone “Never again.” But we are watching a human catastrophe. Western powers fail to employ their massive resources.

NATO forces in Tyrkia overlooks the slaughter of Kurds done by ISIL.
Forces from NATO-Tyrkia overlooks the slaughter of Kurds in the city of Kobane done by ISIL.

In mid-September, the Islamic State terrorists launched a coordinated assault on the Kurdish enclave of Kobani in Syria, near the Turkish border. As Islamic State rolled through 21 Kurdish villages, more than 45,000 people escaped across the frontier. By October, more than 180,000 Kurdish refugees were estimated to be in Turkey. Since that initial assault, Islamic State has been strangling the Kurdish forces defending the city.

The world stands by as Islamic State continues the ethnic-cleansing and mass murder that it has conducted across Syria and Iraq. But most shameful is the fact that the Turkish army has sat just across the border and watched the carnage in Kobani.

When Kurdish protests broke out in Istanbul and across five provinces in Turkey on Tuesday, the police were swift to try to put them down, killing 21 protesters.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has engineered a dangerous game of blackmail, using the massacre of Kurds as collateral while warning that Kobani is about to fall.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The betrayal of the people of Kobane is symptomatic for the situation in the World. The kurds have been betrayed by the colonial powers like USA and UK for more than 50 years.  Now it is Islamic Turkey who overlook the slaughter of the kurds at their border with Syria, and do not lift a finger.

The Kurds are treated by Turky as “judaizers”.  They have been fighting different Islamic totalitarian regimes for centuries, and do not obey the present regime in Ankara. Today the Kurds sympathize with Zionist Israel, and Knesset has declared their support for an independent Kurdistan.  There are also a high number of Christians among the kurds.

Looking at the destruction of Kobane, this should be a stern warning to the state of Israel.  When cities like Hafia one blue day face this kind of Islamic carnage, the International leaders will surely give big talks in the media. But they will hardly lift a finger.  Israel must not put their trust in leaders who expose this kind of disastrous lack of wisdom. Israel must continue to look after its own security.

Norway spent 100 million USD in 2013 supporting "Palestine".
Norway spent 100 million USD in 2013 supporting “Palestine”.

The pro-Islamic govenment of Norway represent a post-Christian nation. The large majority of Norwegians have already betrayed the gospel, about Jesus the Messiah. Now Norway side with the Islamic kingdom of Qatar, in a bid to rebuild the military capabilities of the Hamas.

In 2013, Norway gave 100 million USD to “Palestine”. That is equalent to USA spending 5 billion USD, since there is only five million Norwegians. Norway control an offshore investment fund with the value of 1 Trillion USD.  Norway has a global capability of speculating against currencies and companies, who do not obey.

Nowegian NATO-leader Jens Stoltenber help Erdogan in his fight against Kurdistan.
Nowegian NATO-leader Jens Stoltenber help Erdogan in his fight against Kurdistan.

Norway also hold the post of Secretarty General in NATO, and are capable of doing enourmous damage in the Middle East. Israel must not trust nations like Norway. Not even for a split second.

Written by Ivar