Ian Paisly called the Pope an antichrist, and were thrown out of the EU Parliament in 1988.

Protestant leader Reverend Ian Paisley of Northern Ireland exposed the Pope.
Protestant leader Reverend Ian Paisley of Northern Ireland exposed the Pope.

Former Democratic Unionist Party leader Dr Ian Paisley, who passed away last month, was renowned as a political firebrand in Northern Ireland.

When he was member of the European Parliament for Northern Ireland, he was beaten and hauled out by fellow parliamentarians after heckling Pope John Paul II when he came to deliver a speech back in October 1988.

Holding up a series of posters reading “Pope John Paul II ANTICHRIST”, the then DUP leader shouted: “I refuse you as Christ’s enemy and Antichrist with all your false doctrine.”

“Eventually I was hauled out. The Security men had allowed a vicious attack on a Member of the House, a violation of all the laws of the Parliament. Yet the President never once rebuked anybody who did the throwing of books or the vicious attack upon me physically. All he did was attack me for what I said. I sustained injuries to my legs and spine and have lodged a claim against the Parliament.”

Speaking later on in a 2001 documentary on his life, The Unquiet Man, Dr Paisley expressed his pride at being “the only person to have the courage to denounce the Pope”.

Source: Huffington Post

My comment:

Ian Paisly did what all Evangelical Christians are called to do. To expose the antichrist in Rome, and reject all the blasphemy of the Roman Catholic Church.

Like the mother of all errors. The docrine that demand all into sumbission to a “Christ”, not being born by a sinful Jewsish virgin of flesh, but by a pagan Roman Catholic, sinless goddess.

2 John 1:7
  I say this because many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist.

The Pope might get the Nobel Price of peace this year in Oslo. That move by the Norwegians would be highly prophetic. The first Pope ever to be lifted up as a global peacemaker, by the Gog of the North, the largest sponsor of Islamic terrorism against Israel on the Western hemisphere.

Mind my words:  If the Pope gets the price, most of the Lutheran and Pentecostal leaders will hail this “peacemaker”, and give flowers to the Roman Catholic nun who have been chosen by them, to be the leader of the Christian Council of Norway.  These false teachers is demolishing the lesson of the Reformation. Like spiritual harlots, they walk back to their spiritual mother in the Vatican.

A few of us will be like the protestants, like Ian Paisly. And we will surely be thrown out of the party at Oslo City Hall. Those who voice their opinion against the “Holy see” will also be refused to preach in all pro-Roman Catholic congregations.

Should this happen this December: Rejoice and be glad. Do not stand in the assembly of the wicked, but rather obey Jesus the Messiah.

Written by Ivar