74 per cent of Israelis do not trust Obama to be able to manage US policy in the Middle East.

Benjanmin Netanyahu must be aware that the large majority of Israelis do not trust Obama.
Benjanmin Netanyahu must be aware that the large majority of Israelis do not trust Obama.

A Panels poll broadcast on the Knesset Channel found that only 27 percent of Israelis consider Abbas a worthy partner for peace talks. Sixty-three percent said he was not a worthy partner.

Asked whether they trusted Obama to manage US policy in the Middle East, 74 per cent said not and 21 per cent said yes.

Only 25 per cent said they would characterize the president as a “true friend of Israel.” Sixty-two percent said they would not.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu fared considerably better in the poll. It found that if elections would be held today, his Likud party would rise from 19 seats to 27.

Bayit Yehudi would be the second-largest party with 18 seats, followed by Labor with 16, Yesh Atid with 10, Yisrael Beytenu and Meretz tied at nine, United Torah Judaism with eight, Shas with seven, Hatnua with four, Hadash five, United Arab List four, and Balad three.

The poll found that the right-wing bloc would rise from the current Knesset’s 61 seats to 69. The Left would fall from its current 59 to 51.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

While the elite and media present Barack Hussein Obama as a man of peace, the Israelis are more than skeptical to the US President.

During the latest US bombings of Syria and Iraq, there seems to be absolutely no international opposition to the killing of children in these two nations. This stands in grim contrast to the medias attacks on Israel, when Hamas in July 2014 publish pictures of dead children in Gaza. This is the mother of all doble standards and hypocicy.

Obama started his Presidency by being gifted the Nobel price of peace in Oslo. By its self an insult to the founding father of this institution, Dr. Alfred Nobel. Obama is just continuing the US policy of feeding the wars overseas, as a continuation of the post-second world war US economy. As long as Pentagon is permitted to play on all sides in ongoing international conflicts, and mint money on death and destruction, the US mainland is kept secure.

Jesus the Messiah warned us in advance of hypocrites and deceitful workers. Their tongues are full of sweet talk, but their lack on wisdom is proven by their actions.

Do not participate in their sins and evil. But if you have a chance, expose them.

Written by Ivar