Bennett blasts Bibi

Economy minister says ‘there will never be a Palestinian state west of Jordan’ after PM reiterates support for Palestinian statehood.‬‬

Naftaly Bennet display distrust in prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
Naftaly Bennet display distrust in prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Economy Minister Naftali Bennett harshly criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday night, after the latter held talks with US President Barack Obama at the White House.

Speaking at a Bayit Yehudi event to honor party members who fought in Operation Protective Edge, the faction’s chairman slammed Netanyahu’s position on a diplomatic resolution with the Palestinians. “I heard the prime minister told President Obama that he renewed his commitment to a Palestinian state. Enough! It’s over!”

The Bayit Yehudi chairman added: “If, after Operation Protective Edge, you have yet to understand that we must never-ever give one more inch of land to the Arabs and pray for the best – it is time to wake up.”

The economy minister also criticized Netanyahu’s speech to the United Nations. “The prime minister gave a great speech at the UN, but it is like he built up all the arguments but missed the glaring conclusion – the glaring conclusion that there will not be a Palestinian state west of Jordan.”

Bennett, however, did not completely rule out a future Palestinian country. “Maybe in Sinai – fine. In other places – fine. West of Jordan, in Israel, there will not be a Palestinian state. I am simply amazed that after all these understandings and the insight we continue down this road.


My comment:

The Prophetic Word is crystal clear. We know for sure that Zionist Israel shall be betrayed by the whole world, and that the people of Israel shall be tricked into accepting the false “peace plan”.

Its not easy to understand all the moves of Benjamin Netanyahu. He seems to be under the influence of Washington D.C. It seems to be impossible for the prime minister of Israel to understand that Obama is not a well wisher. But rather a dangerous deceiver of the flock.

“But you, mountains of Israel, will produce branches and fruit for my people Israel, for they will soon come home.

In the National Religious camp in Israel, hardly anyone trust Obama. Naftali Bennet is one of them. At the end of the road, the Jewish settlers in Judea and Samaria will be branded as the enemies of peace. And the majority of Israelis will abandon them, and side with the enemies of God of the Hebrews. May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls, and may the Jewish people accept his Lordship.

Written by Ivar

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  1. There is no country Palestine. When Rome conquered Israel they renamed it Palestine. There are no Palestinian people. When Israel was attacked in 1948 the Arabs were warned to leave and then return after Israel was defeated.
    Instead of helping Israel to defeat the attacking armies they fled. A bunch of traitors. Nobody wants them.

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