Imam calls for Pope as leader

“Pope Francis may be the most authoritative representative” of “spiritually sensitive” religious leaders in the world today.“

The highest representative for Islam
The highest representative for Islam Yahya Pallacvicini wants the Pope as the head of the news “United Regions”.

There are the words of Yahya Pallavicini. He is imam of the al-Wahid Mosque in Milan, the highest representative of Islam in Italy.

Italy’s highest spokesman for Islam liked everything that Peres said. Handsome, articulate and Western in his manner, Yahya Pallavicini is imam of the al-Wahid Mosque in Milan and vice president of the Islamic Religious Community of Italy, a.k.a. Coreis, a community solicitous toward Christians and Jews.

Pallavicini praised Peres as “a man particularly inspired, combining Jewish faith with political experience. I fully agree” with his proposal to the pope, he said.

In fact, he continued, “Pope Francis may be the most authoritative representative” of “spiritually sensitive” religious leaders in the world today. “I, a Muslim, have much to learn from him,” he said.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The momentum is building behind the antichrist in the Vatican. Pope Francis seems to be read to enter the global scene as the “ultimate prince of peace’.

  2 Thessalonians 2:3
Don’t let anyone deceive you in any way, for that day will not come until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction.

The Pope claims to be the “Holy Father”, a tittle that Jesus reserved for Father God in heaven.  The Pope also claims to be the replacement for the Holy Spirit of Earth, the very Vicar of Christ.  Since the Pope also claims infallibility in all matters of understanding of scriptures, he seems to be the perfect leader of this “peace movement”.

Unfortunately, the Vatican mother of all lawlessness is leading all his followers off the cliff, and into the eternal fire of Hell. Please stay away from this falsehood. Do not entertain this religious movement, that do not represent God of the Bible and Jesus the Messiah.

Written by Ivar

19 thoughts on “Imam calls for Pope as leader

  1. Just a few days ago, heard the pope tell Islam he served allah the same god..and now this . and Peres , breaks my heart..apostasy is full blown. and the pope told those who do not believe in G-d , just do good anyone can fall for this is beyond me..

  2. Whatever the pope does whatever the religious leaders say every thing goes according to the sovereign will of God
    The Imam and the Catholic pope are one and the same.Both of them they worship the same god

    1. Phil Mayo

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I know you disagree with the Reformed Church, and you are permitted to have your own views.

      1. The Mother of all harlots, is the Roman Catholic Church.

      2. She is the Great Prostitute.

      3. The Pope (the seat of the Papacy) is the beast, whom the harlots ride on. He is the high priest of Roman Catholicism, and the leader of the One World religion. He has his own state, and is the ulitmate kingmaker on the face of the Earth. The antichrist in flesh, the counterfeith “King of kings”.

      1. As I stated in a previous thread on this blog: The Pope was responsible for crowning kings of the Holy Roman Empire. No king crowns others as kings of the empire he claims to rule over.

        The description in Revelation of the Harlot fits the Roman Catholic Church, of which the Pope is the head. That means he is part of that body, not separate from it.

        The kings who give their power to the Antichrist eventually turn on the Harlot, and destroy her. So if your idea was correct, the Antichrist’s empire would be destroying the Antichrist. Which is hogwash!

  3. Why wouldn’t an Islamic Imam of Italy call for the Catholic Pope to be leader in the world leadership role.
    It is the Catholic Church under the control and influence of the Jews and their working together for world domination that he knows Islam is only being used to bring about the turmoil in the world but not to be the conqueror and ruler of the world.
    And all the non Catholics in religion and business and finance working for world domination and control know it.

  4. The Catholic church is not under the influence of the Jews. The Catholic church is the enemy of the Jews and real Christians. This is the history of Catholicism and will be extremely obvious in the near future

    1. Hi Mary.

      The youtube guy is giving his audience a classic example of newspaper eschatology. In other words he sees a coalition of ten and jumps on it as having prophetic significance. There has been many tens in the past. No reason to believe this is the BIG ONE.

      He also uses the classic mistranslation of the beasts in Daniel’s chapter 7 vision. If Ivar will allow this link, you can read my views regarding those beasts:

      Or go to danielsealbroken and read the article: A Breakthrough In Eschatology.

  5. Look at the website below. September 16 – 19 in Seol Korea, The HWPL will be held. The World Peace of Religon Alliance Summit. 32 Nations are attending. And the leaders pf Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Buddhist and many more are all to be there to agree to ONE Religon Alliance.

      1. Dear dave 1543.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        They will get their alliance. Real Christians won’t be allowed in. We are the enemy.

        My comment:

        The One World Religion is rising everywere, and in every city. All Chrstians will be invited in, but not permitted to say a word. Everthing will be orcestrated, every message political correct. All spirit filled Christians will be thrown out, if they resist the message, and do not submit.

  6. The latest news reports that speculators and conspiracy theorists regarding the man of lawlessness will not come out of the papacy in Rome, but is emerging as a Muslim Pope from Turkey.

    It is declared that soon this man of lawlessness will announce himself as the Vice Regent of Allah and Commander of the Faithful and literally called the Caliph.

    Any thoughts

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