Pope Benedict claim to know “Christ”. But at the end of many messages, he honor “his mother” the “Queen of Heaven”.

The black Queen of Heaven, and her black son. The Pope wants all Africans to honor “Our Lady of Africa”.

This is what the Catholic News Agency recorded at the very end of a news report from Benin:

The Pope concluded by entrusting the dioceses of Benin and the episcopal ministry of each bishop to the Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Africa, praying that “she may watch over the people of Benin!”

Source: CNA.

My comment:

It is important to acknowledge that many who claim they know “Christ”, do not know the Messiah at all. The Pope is the ultimate deceiver of the flock. If he had just been the strange neighbor next door, he would have been a rather harmless confused old man.

The challenge for the World, is that the Pope claims to the be the “Vicar of Christ”. His very replacement on Earth, who is promoted to be the leader of all the Bishops on Planet Earth. The very head of the “Christian religion”.

A deeper look at who “Our Lady of Africa” is, will expose some rather bizarre images. She is found inside a “Church” called Notre-Dame d’Afrique, a Catholic center of worship in Alger in Algeria, overlooking the Bay of Algiers.

She reigns in the center of the room, and over her head it is written: “Notre-dame d’Afrique, Pray for us and for the Muslims”.

Over the crown of the Queen, this is written in French.

Below her, on the floor, there is a large crucifix. But this religious symbol is an abomination. On the cross, hangs a thin and anemic black African. I wonder who this man was, and what he is doing here. He hangs under the footstool of the “Queen of Heaven”, who is also a black African.

One Marian site has the following explanation:

 In many places where Muslims and Christians live together they share a devotion to Mary. And so, on any given day one may see Muslims kneeling in the basilica, bringing their petitions to Our Lady, whom they call Lala Meriem.

Source: The Interfaith Mary

Muslims comes to this religious monument, to honor the Islamic Queen of Heaven.

“Lala Meriem” is not very different from the Jewish name of a Jewess, a virgin who gave birth to the Messiah. Her name was Miriam.  The Muslims claims they have replaced the Jews as the “holy people of god”.  The Africans by origin comes to this place, and worship the Queen of Heaven: as “uMama waAfrika”.

The black Queen of Heaven, the mother of the Pope , “our lady of Africa”.
The Universal Queen of paganizem is put on the throne to reign.
On the ceiling there is a huge painting of the ruling Queen inside Heaven, together with all who worship her and her son.

The present Pope just walks in the footsteps of the late Pontiff. This is a record from 1989, when John Paul II travelled to Malawi.

 The first Catholic missionaries claimed Malawi for the Mother of God. Those who resumed their work placed a medal honouring her at the foot of a baobab tree, in order to consecrate this land to her. Following their example, I, John Paul II, also wish to entrust the Church and the whole country of Malawi to Mary, Our Lady of Africa:

 Source:The Vatican.va.

Muslims do not mind seeing a dead black person hanging on the cross, below their “Lala Meriem”. A cursed figure.
If you ever visit Alger, this is the “Church” of the One World Religion.
Roman Catholics and Muslims praying together to the Queen of Heaven, blessed by the Pope in Rome.

The One World religion is coming towards us with force and convictions. A few days ago, I exposed that the Pope prayed for the people of Algeria to be blessed, as he flew over Algeria. Obviously, He was spiritually connected to his mother, who reigns in the “Church” he flew over.  Islam and the pagan Catholic faith will one day merge. The spirit that reigns in them, will make them agree to worship and unite around “Lala Meriem” as “our Lady of Africa, the virgin who gave birth to “Christ”.

First published 2011.

Written by Ivar