Norway: The PM quotes “prophet”

Norwegian Prime Minister Mrs.Erna Solberg (Cons) quotes from ‘The prophet” and thanks the Muslims for mobilizing against ISIL (Islamic state).

Oslo, 25th of August, 2014.

The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg join Norwwegian Muslims in protest against ISIL.
The Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg join Norwwegian Muslims in protest against ISIL.

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5 thoughts on “Norway: The PM quotes “prophet”

    1. Dear Ali.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I do not blame the PM for not carrying a Bible. She is not a confessing Christian. I am more alarmed about the Lutheran priests, who are paied by the government. In stead of whitwashing the crimes of Muhammed, they could at least quote the Bible, and explain in front of Muslims that they belive Jesus is God and Messiah. No need to follow anyone else.

    1. Dear Jeremy

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Norway has for the last 2 decades been one of the major sponsors of Islamic terrorism against Israel, and people in the Middle East. Norwegian media spoke boldly in defense of the so-called “Arab spring”, presenting the Mosleem Brotherhood in Cairo. Norway supported the Islamic Jihad and NATO colaboration in Libya. My best guess is that there is a lot of secret converts to Islam among the elite in Norway. The PM her self, should be carefull, so she do not end up converting.

  1. This attempt by politicians and the media to promote Islam as ‘the religion of peace’ is losing it’s legs, with the recent murderous actions of Boko Haram in Africa, and Islamic State (IS) in the Middle East. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to con the public.

    The beheading of one of their own has caused a lot of soul searching. They couldn’t give a damn while it was Jews and Christians. But another journalist getting his head chopped off??? Well… “what did we do to deserve that?” “We faithfully presented the terrorist propaganda, yet the scorpion still stung the frog”.

    Now the revelation that Pakistani Muslim gangs have been running professional paedophile rings in the UK, has really given the politicians and media a major headache. How do they convince the British people that Islam doesn’t condone child rape, when even the dumbest illiterate among them knows only too well that it not only condones it. It’s prophet Muhammad promoted it, by his own indulgence in the perversion. How do they tell them that was all in the past, when their government has already admitted there is a big problem with Muslim school girls being sent to Pakistan for forced marriage (read sold for rape)?

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