Watch this video.Be aware of these “drunk teahers” of the Word of Faith movement. These men are not born again by the Holy Spirit of God. But have been anointed by an unlean counterfeit spirit. These men serve a spirit from the deepest pits of the abyss:

This group of Charismatic Pentecostal teachers misuse the name of Jesus the Messiah. They also spraed all kinds of balooney and false prohecies. Now they all turn towards the main center of falsehood, and embrace the Pope and the “Christ of the papacy”.

When Kenneth Hagin say the men onf the day of Pentecost must have “acted like they were drunk”, this is a teological short circuit. Peter the Apostle painly rebukes the ungodly men who claims this. The belivers were not drunk. But they preached the gospel in laguages not known to the ungodly men.  In this video taken of the men behind the  “Toronto movement” there is not a singel soul who can hear the gospel. Its juts another mad house. We see people being transformed into different kinds of amimals by demons, and men who became like dogs. Watch them fake sodomy on the floor while everyone is laughing.

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