Hamas exposed

Watch this video of Arab reporter hiding a Hamas terrorist, who suddenly fire a missile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OrytPtc3xx0&feature=youtu.be

Arab journalist Maha Abul al Kas is reporting for France 24TV from Gaza standing next to a hidden Hamas terrorist. Unfortunately the Islamic terrorist fires the rocket a few moments to early. This was how the Nazis made their propaganda. The supporters of the Hamas do the same.

If you like this kind of pro-Israel reporting, please consider a small gift to this free and indepdendent TV-channel. Ivar


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5 thoughts on “Hamas exposed

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  1. One can not win wars based on lies but what makes me astonished is the foolishness of the western world

    1. Daniel Joseph

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      We must all thank the Messiah, that this Arab journalist is still alive. She has committed a war crime, and the IDF had all the rights on their side, if they had desired to change the outlook of this neighborhood.

  2. You know Ivar the Arabs they have not the slightest clue with whom they are waging the war HE IS THE GLORIOUS KING OF KINGS THE LORD OF THE UNIVERSE JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD

    1. Dear Daniel Joseph

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The Bible do not declear neither the Arabs nor the Jewish people for righteouss. The Bible claim the city of Jerusalem, to be God’s own city. And Zion His area. God of the Bible seems to be less happy with what takes place inside this area at the moment. Gaza is a horror zone. Even the godlessness of the people of Israel is increasing. There seems to be a judgment comming.

      In 2006, the IDF could not stop 4.000 rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel. For the last week, 3.000 rockets from the south have been fired into Israel. Islamic Jihad in on the role in Syria, Libya, Iraq, etc.

      Hum. I will tell people to repent, and accept Yeshua the Messiah as Lord, and to obey Him. Only He can give us peace with God. And I will stand united with the state of Israel.

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