US tell Israel: Accept Hamas

“If Hamas were destroyed and gone, we would probably end up with something much worse” .

The US head of Inteligence Michael Flynn has advised Israel to accept that the Hamas must rule in Gaza.
The US head of Inteligence Michael Flynn has advised Israel to accept that the Hamas must rule in Gaza.

This is the remark nade by Lieutenant General Michael Flynn, the outgoing head of the Defense Intelligence Agency,

The region would end up with something much worse,” Flynn said at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado.

“A worse threat that would come into the sort of ecosystem there … something like ISIS,” he added, referring to the Islamic State, which last month declared an “Islamic caliphate” in territory it controls in Iraq and Syria.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Its not always easy to understand US logic. Since Hamas has written in its charter, a promise to destroy Israel, what can possibly be worse for the state of Israel?

We understand that Flynn needs to see this, also, from an American perspective, but still. We would like to know the full depth in his analysis.

Since Flynn mention ISIL. It is obvious that the CIA and Pentagon do not like this organization ISIL expose the complete failure of both US foreign and defense policies. Not only do this Islamic terror-organization expose that the US has lost the war in Iraq. ISIL threaten to dismantle the whole US Middle East map of nations made by the Colonial powers after World War II. A dangerous chain reaction has taken place, that make the USA loose billions of dollars in trade with all its totalitarian dictators in the Middle East and North Africa. An Islamic Caliphate is not going to bring back the cash to Washington D.C.

For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.


If you reason from a human perspective, the US seems to be the very force that removed secular governance from Iraq in the East to Libya in the West. Yes: After the Americans, against all warnings, removed Saddam Hussein from power, the World eventually got something much worse to deal with. Also in Libya a joint operation between NATO and Islamic Jihad removed Colonel Gaddafi from power. Now that nation is turned into a second Somalia.

The US need to take a deep look in the mirror, before it gives anyone advices of how to take care of its own security. This obviously include Israel. The CIA and the Pentagon has for the past decade, at best, behaved like an elephant in a china store.

Written by Ivar

11 thoughts on “US tell Israel: Accept Hamas

  1. How would General Flynn feel if Mexico starts raining rockets on Texas? Has he got any idea just HOW stupid he sounds.
    Yahweh helps us all with people in defence positions saying things like that.
    We need to start praying earnestly for Messiah Yeshua to return. There will only be peace then – just as the Scriptures promise.

  2. God bless you Rina.Peace shall be realised when the PRINCE OF PEACE JESUS OUR LORD COMES.The US have nonsense logic and they will loose

  3. It seems the plan of the US and other nations have been to remove all leaders surrounding the Israeli nation in order to replace it with the evil.
    The prophecies must be fulfilled in order to bring the evil to a head to head with Y’shua. Father YHWH is reeling them in like a fish and using the Land of Israel/Jerusalem as bait. He who sits in heaven laughs… (Isaiah 2)

  4. This administration says that Israel is an ally but in reality and unfortunately it views Israel as a problem. This ideology is super flawed. We are and will continue to
    Pay a price for it. Beware when they call good bad and bad good

  5. Whilst the American people for the most part, especially those who are Christian, are strongly supportive of Israel, the same can’t be said of it’s government.
    The USA government’s involvement in the region is determined by it’s desire to keep the Petro-dollar alive. All other considerations are secondary, including it’s relationship with Israel, whom it betrays by arming their enemies. And it does this to keep their support for the Petro-dollar.
    The USA government, along with others, invaded Iraq because Sadam Hussein wanted to stop using the Petro-dollar. It brought down Gadhafi in Libya for the same reason, and it’s current moves against Russia is for that same reason. The difference here though, is that Russia is a part of the BRICS alliance, which isn’t going to be taken down by military action, and is unlikely to fold under the financial pressure being used.
    So the USA administration continues to seek favour with the Arabs by supporting their Hamas creation. What they don’t seem to realize is the majority of Arab governments don’t support Hamas anymore.

    Greed makes you blind!

  6. USA is a joker in World Circus. This is a ” change ” Obama was declaring before election. Doesn’t make a difference if people are mourning or laughing; a joker is a joker!

    1. Dear 35ronnie

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      USA is a joker in World Circus.

      My comment:

      For Washington D.C, this is all about money. They just signed a huge arms deal with Qatar, who harbor the leadership of Hamas. ISIL has threaten to remove all the states, the colonial powers drafted in the Middle East after World War II. As I said. The Hamas is a now a friend of the USA. Simply becaue they still can be paid by the CIA. ISIL is a popular movement that just ran over one Syrian military base. In Irak they captured an American built Oil refinery in the desert.

  7. For the fulfillment of which is in the Scripture to united goverment (Illumination) and reject Yeshua HaMashiach who grew up in Nazareth Israel and reject His Torah., brothers realized !!!!!!

  8. Sub:- (i)- USA & Allies should catch-up with reality and dynamism of Muslim world (i)- USA & Allies shouldn’t let go opportunity to bring peace in NAME etc through India (ii)- Now Hindu majority India no more enjoys sufferings of Muslims (iii)- Mechanism of International Political Parties (IPP) under UN & MP-1 of ICCPR can be of help (iv)- India can easily provide up-to 10 million personnel for UN Human Rights Enforcement Force (UNHREF) (v)- If more needed, India of ~ 1.25 Billion can be asked to mobilize them though SEAARC (vi)- Sending UNHREF in NAME is ethical and feasible (vii)- West need not be fussy about Ayatollah and Caliph political model in some NAME countries (viii)- This job of USA & Allies will become much easier if ‘One State Solution’ is implemented for Israel (ix)- Nobel prize winner Prez Obama can leave this commendable legacy of bringing peace in Muslim World of important NAME etc

    Dear Sir or Madam

    There was time when any news of fratricidal bloodshed in Muslim countries was received by Hindus in India with glee. It was understandable given the history of India, where Muslims for about thousand years inflicted so much killings, violence, loot etc on Hindus (who mostly did not succumb like Iran etc to Islam) for conversion or otherwise (including demolition of temples etc of Hindus), gory partition of India on the basis of religion, displacement of Hindu Kashmiri Pandits by violence from Muslim Kashmir valley, post 1947 partition and independence the reduction by violence of Hindus from ~ 28 % to ~ 8 % in Bangladesh and from ~ 22 % to ~ 2 % in Pakistan etc.

    Hindus have grown with this history (taught and brought to them) sometimes exaggerated also, but mostly credible. But in independent India, after practicing secular democracy for the last 67 years and that too in this age of human rights and globalization, now Hindu majority India sincerely wish (and even prepared to will) to see in peace & harmony –

    (i)- The Muslim world especially North Africa and Middle East (NAME, which is bleeding and weeping profusely including in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Libya etc), the region which is extremely important for India as most of oil for India comes from this region in addition to jobs for millions of Indians over there, trade, cultural / religious links etc.

    (ii)- And also Afghanistan (in political turmoil in view of US troops withdrawal) and Pakistan (where military is gaining ascendancy in political matters after horrible and ill-conceived huge military crackdown in Waziristan and handing over of Federal capital to Pak military). These all not only have dangerous implications particularly for India in Kashmir due to likely Pak military adventures at border / LOC and likelihood of increased incursions patronized by Pak military of militant Jihadis (from Pakistan and Afghanistan) in J&K, but for rest of the world too (most grave for India) in view of Pakistan having nuclear weapons of all sorts (and not merely most dreaded nuclear bombs) which may fall in the hands of militant Jihadis of Pakistan (who have deep penetration in military establishment of Pakistan) and through them to other militant Jihadis of other Muslim countries of the world.

    The recent developments of ‘Caliph Baghdadi’ (who may be tried for war crimes by UN) of ‘Islamic State’ who has captured parts of Iraq and Syria and on-going Israel – Gaza war have agitated Indian Muslim Youth and they want to go to NAME for helping their coreligionists in solving their problems. USA & its Allies should convert this adversity into opportunity (which is what politics essentially is) and should use this opportunity for bringing peace in NAME etc. (which is possible only when rest of the World considers it as a problem of entire Muslim world and not merely as Shia – Sunni conflict)

    At this stage West should not insist too-much (rather should wait for IPP & MP-1) on ‘Arab-spring’ etc. No-doubt the political model of ‘Federal Secular Democratic Globalization’ is progressive, humane and more powerful, but it is not necessary that every country can practise it. Islam is the only religion on earth which believes in keeping temporal power under the authority of religion (some what like Ayatollah political model in Shia Iran, – otherwise no surprise that practically all other Muslim majority countries have generated ‘militant Jihadis’). Therefore unless similar model like Caliph model is introduced in SOME Sunni Muslim majority countries (which are not in a position to practise ‘Federal Secular Democratic Globalization’ political model), as given below, there will be no permanent peace and stability in Muslim countries. Also if China is respected and even given veto power at UN without having democracy and even with not so good record about human rights, then there is no reason why Muslims of SOME countries of NAME region can not be allowed to live in peace by practicing Caliphate and Ayatollah type of political model:-

    (1)- Prominent Indian media is reporting that hundreds of thousand of Muslim have requested President and Government of India (GOI) that they should be allowed to go to Iraq / NAME (many more such, not writing to government). Media reported that Shia Muslims (Anjuman-e-Haideri, Maulana Kalbe Jawad etc) are preparing to send one million Shia Muslim youth (out of which ~ 125 thousand are already registered and 6,000 are waiting only for government clearance to leave). Like in rest of the world, given Sunni population in India too ~ 6 times of Shias, they (and not merely Maulana Nadvi) are also bound to be in the process of sending ~ 6 million youth for this religious mission in NAME. This ~ 7 million (even more if required) Muslim youth (only 3.5 % of Indian Muslims) can easily be mobilized given ~ 200 million Muslim population in India, including illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. In addition to this, other Indians (Hindus etc including military and paramilitary personnel) can also be mobilized for UNHREF etc by GOI which will be about 10 million and should be sufficient to bring permanent peace in NAME.

    (2)- If more persons are needed for UNHREF, India can be asked to mobilize them from Muslim majority countries of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia and Maldives of ‘South and East Asian Association for Regional Cooperation’, SEAARC. But USA & its Allies (including NATO) should catch-up with the reality and dynamism of Muslim world and should use this released tremendous energy of Muslims for bringing permanent peace & harmony in NAME, through India.

    (3)- This sending of ~ 10 million Indians as UNHREF etc (and even more from SEAARC) in NAME for bringing peace over there is ethical because (i)- The government etc of NAME / Iraq promoted all the militant Jihadis and mismanaged the countries hence destabilized the entire region, also in gory civil wars . Hence their rulers have no right to remain in office, as such (ii)- Islam since 7 th century onward has spread up-to South & East Asia under the sword of Islam even by brute force by converting Pagans, Zoroastrians, Hindus etc to the idea / ideology of Islam. Hence nothing wrong if Muslims of NAME / Iraq are constrained (and that too by mainly Muslim youth from India or from SEAARC under the leadership of India, which has mostly impeccable secular democratic credentials) not for any conversion but merely in the interest of bringing peace & harmony to NAME region and that too under the supervision of UN.

    (4)- This UN program in NAME will become much easier if (i)- The mechanism of ‘International Political Parties’ (IPP) is introduced where these Secular Democratic IPPs having faith in Federalism & Globalization, will be registered at UN. It will be better if USA / Prez Obama takes interest in the launch of such IPPs in all NAME countries and also in India (and in SEAARC under the leadership of India) so that out of ~ 10 million Indians in UNHREF etc, (and more from SEAARC by India) many may become member of such IPPs in India (and in SEAARC) and may go to NAME (through UNHREF or otherwise) as member and office bearers of these IPPs and (ii)- The optional protocol OP-1 is converted into mandatory protocol MP-1 of ICCPR so that UN can intervene even militarily for the enforcement of human rights in erring countries.

    (5)- Muslims all over the world are projected and perceived (mostly rightly so) to be brute and medieval thinking people due to their treatment to women, education, minorities, brutal punishments for offences etc. Even recently genital mutilation of women is demanded by Militant Jihadis in Iraq, Syria etc. Therefore Caliphate and other States of NAME should be demanded to install human-rights-enforcement-mechanism (ultimately enforceable by UN, even militarily if necessary) in all the States of NAME including in Caliphate (or in more than one Caliphate).

    (6)- USA & Allies should not insist on absurd concept of ‘Two State Solution’ (one Israel for Jews and other Palestine for Muslims and which has potential of alienating the two communities in permanent hostility), which has directly or indirectly caused maximum bloodshed, wars (including on-going Israel / Gaza war) and terrorism on earth post World War II, mainly due to the fact that Israel has been successful in roping in many Muslim leaders from Palestine and from rest of the world to subscribe to this mischievous ‘Two State Solution’. Instead like India, where Muslims and Hindus peacefully live together (so in USA, Europe etc where Christians and Muslims live together), UN (especially USA & Allies) should demand one state of Israel-Palestine for both the communities (Jews and Muslims) as explained at

    President Obama, a Nobel prize winner for peace and who would certainly like to leave a worthwhile legacy in the last phase of his US Presidency, should use India for bringing permanent peace and harmony, as mentioned above, particularly in NAME region and generally in Muslim world.

    Yours truly

    Hem Raj Jain

    (Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

    Bengaluru, India.

    1. hem raj jain

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      This message was fare to long. No one will read this. Please write short messages. and join the debate on a certain topic.

  9. This message is far-too-long but the solution to this blood-shedding and lack of peace and stability, has no answer; but an open-minded debate/answer; by Hem Raj Jain, has a right depth.
    Till date Obama has no caliber.As self-interest is the ‘Priority’.
    Kerry is running pillar-to-post for the intangible.
    Serious reader’s will read this meaningful top article.

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