Israel fight Islamic terror

 10 Islamic terrorists were killed, trying to infiltrate to Israel through two tunnels.

IDF is about to criple the Hamas. All the terror-tunnels into Israel is being destroyed.
IDF is about to criple the Hamas. All the terror-tunnels into Israel is being destroyed.

‏All terrorists shot dead by Israeli forces, Monday morning. Two squads attempt to infiltrate Kibbutz Nir Am through two tunnels. No reports yet on Israeli casualties.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

After a week as tourist in Israel, you can experience how the IDF keep two million Muslims safe inside this land.

No other place in the Middle East are the Muslims so safe as inside Israel. If the Israeli Arabs had lived in Syria or Iraq, they would have been slaughtered by the Kalifat and their men.

To free the People of Gaza, Israel had to take the war to their own streets. Just like the allied forces in 1945 had to take out the Nazi-regime, by taking the war all the way to Berlin.

Stand up for Israel. Stand united with the people of Israel in her time of trouble.

All true Christians regrets any casulaties of war. But by supporting Israel, you give the people of Gaza a chance to be set free from Islamic terrorism. This kind of worship is pleasing to God of Israel. And His servant, Jesus the Messiah.

Written by Ivar

16 thoughts on “Israel fight Islamic terror

    1. Yes bless Israel.The fundamental truth is,God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jackob the so called Palestinians are not Palestinians they are Arabs who doesn’t know their origin they are servant of Allah the moon god.There for our God is a living Glorious God they shall never prevail.

  1. Ivar.

    You seem to have fallen for this phony idea that the “Palestinians” would live in peace with Israel if only it wasn’t for Hamas. That’s garbage! Palestinians were hating and trying to kill Jews before Hamas existed. Have you not heard of the Hebron massacre? Don’t you remember how Palestinian murderers used to bomb buses and murder kids in their schools back in the 70’s when it was all the PLO?

    Hamas is the product of Palestinian-Arab hatred for Jews. Birthed and nurtured in the bosom of Palestinian-Arab society, and ELECTED BY THEM to lead them in their attack on all Jews wherever they are in the world, in accordance with the Hamas charter.

    Don’t be conned. This conflict isn’t about land, and can’t be fixed by giving it away, or lifting blockades. It is about an age old hatred of Jews by Arabs. And it will only be fixed when Jesus Christ the Messiah returns.

    1. Phil
      You are correct. I know a man who
      Was a leader in the Hebrew Christian
      Fellowship ministry who said the same thing. He concluded his message
      On this with a story. I will share a brief summary. After he spoke of the hatred that exists on the part of both, he spoke then of a gathering of Jews and Arabs together. Sitting together with love for each other. Caring for each other. The only way this was possible
      Was because each had Jesus in their heart. One man was created because of the blood of Jesus. The answer to this conflict is both who reject Jesus
      Must believe in him. They need Jesus now. They don’t need to wait for him to come. How unfortunate for both sides to miss the answer to their hatred for one another. They try to solve the worldly way. Both sides are devastated by their actions

      1. Dear Todd.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You are a wrodly man, who do not understand spiritual matters. You write like all those men, who belive in all the lies against the Jewish people presented by Islam.

        In particular: “Both sides are devastated by their actions”. This is the message of a “Papenheimer”. A man who excuse evil, by comparing a free and democratic nation with the horrors of Islam. You should be ashamed of your self.

      2. Ivar
        It amazes me when you call me a worldly man and base it on one statement”both sides are devestated by their actions” my whole comment was about the hatred that exists between the two and I give the solution that ends the hatred. That being Jesus.
        Since when is that worldly thinking and you say I am worldly. Freedom and democracy
        Certainly hasn’t created a heart of
        Love for the enemie. Only Jesus can change a heart to love. This is spiritual thinking. Freedom and democracy in US have certainly not made people love one another. And we know that the ideology of Islam does not create
        Love for fellow man. Anyway Ivar
        It saddens me that you
        Think of me as a worldly man.
        I only offered the true answer to the problem.

      3. I see the news in america. Both sides are devestated by the actions taken by both. Israelis live in fear. That’s devastating. The loss of life and possessions, that’s devestating. And for the other, they live in fear. I see it in their eyes and faces. They loose life and possessions. That’s devestating. If you think it’s not and it’s justifiable because of freedom and democracy your head is in the sand. There is only one place and one place only where freedom exists and that place is where the spirit of Yahweh is

    2. Dear Phil Mayo

      Shalom, and thanks for the consern.

      I am aware of the history of the Jewish people. As a faithful reader of this blog, you must be aware of my writings. I have nerved uttered the words, that the Hamas is the only problem. There is at least a couple of dozen articles that bell the PLO as an Islamic terrorist organiztion, and Abu Mazen, alias Mahmoud Abbas as a Holocaust dinier. Another couple of dozen articles that expose the Hizb’Allah.

      1. Hi Ivar.
        You are missing the point every time you talk about Hamas, or PLO, or Abbas etc as if they were the evil oppressors of Palestinians, as well as murderers of Jews. These entities and their leaders are only the symptoms of the cancer that is Jew hatred, which has existed within Arab culture for thousands of years, and is now personified in “The Palestinian” (a fake ethnicity invented to steal the land of Israel).
        The Palestinian isn’t a victim in all this. The Palestinian is the cause. And it has been a mistake on both Israel’s part, and of Christians to separate Hamas from their Palestinian creators, thus giving ammunition to the enemy in the form of “the poor innocent Palestinians suffering from a battle that isn’t theirs”.

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