Vatican shares building with gay sauna

One of the key departments of the Vatican shares a building in Rome that hosts Italy’s biggest gay sauna.

The Vatican has hidden homosexual priests and pedophiles for ages.
The Vatican has hidden homosexual priests and pedophiles for ages.

The historic palazzo is the headquarters of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, which was founded in 1622 and is responsible for missionary activities. The building provides accommodation for about 15 priests.

But the imposing stone mansion also contains the Europa Multiclub Sauna and Gym, which claims on its website that it is “the number one gay sauna in Italy”.

This is the apartment complex housing both Italy’s largest gay club and Roman Catholic priests.

The Vatican paid a hugely inflated price for around 20 apartments in the building when it was acquired in 2008, La Repubblica newspaper claimed in a front page report on Monday.

The apartments were bought for nine million euros on May 30 2008 by a property company which later that day sold them to the Vatican for 20 million euros, making an instant profit of 11 million euros, the daily claimed.

The newspaper offered no explanation for the hugely inflated price but there was no suggestion that there was anything illegal about the deal.

Source: The Telegraph.

My comment:

The inclusion of the Roman Catholic Church in the Christian family, is a horrible spiritual mistake.

The list of wickedness and hypocrisy in the Vatican Religious movement is endless.

Jesus the Messiah told us not to listen to what people might say, but rather look for fruits. A bad tree can simply not bear good fruits.

 Jude 1:7

In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.

The fruits of Rome is not only tasting bad. Its is rotten to its core. The mother of all tragedies, is that this this religious  institution has a “Christ” in its midst.  A copy-cat of the Messiah of the Bible.

If you want to escape judgment and the eternal wrath of God, get out of this “Church”. Run for you life, and beg Jesus the Messiah for mercy. Amen.

First published: March 13th, 2013.

Written by Ivar

9 thoughts on “Vatican shares building with gay sauna

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  1. Have you noticed there are ”less almost nill commercials about the Mormon Church, and there is an influx of commercials about ”Coming back to the Catholic Church”…Ooooo, Claiming ‘Jesus’ wants us to come back to the Catholic Church …hahaha

    Oh What a Tangled Webs We Weave
    When First We Practice to Deceive

    Yeah and a Black Widow Spider ‘wants a mate’…(for a while..hahahha)

    Be careful folks, we need to keep our eyes on Jesus Christ and stay in His Word! they are already cutting up the veggies to go with Satan’s Blue Plate Special….’the Children of Disobedience are the main meal!! …and yes all the demons will laugh in tormenting all who press to enter ‘the wide gate’…

    1. Andrea,
      Re: “Coming back to the Catholic Church”, sadly and shamefully, these commercials are now being shown on the ‘TBN’ network as well, and they even sell Catholic ‘wares’.

      I’ve asked rather than ‘coming back the Catholic Church’, why not come back home to Jesus Christ instead??? The apostate church is truly growing by leaps and bounds.

      1. This is a major issue yet it is treated in the main stream media as ‘one of the best News Stories’ around the World…building up the Catholic Church around the world..the majority of their news reporters are of the Catholic faith..they eagerly admitted it on TV that goes around the World. Or they ‘support that faith’ but claim to be of another faith’….Jesus the Lord of Glory says you can’t serve 2 Masters! (the World loves their own…the World is not rushing to the news desk to support Jesus Christ….even that much acclaimed movie The Bible…it heralded as ”good”…it is one of the demonic filled blasphemous twisted mass of lies the only thing they get right on a regular basis…’a name mentioned in the Bible may be spoken’…all the rest are twisted lies, mutated heresy and only fit for the nearest Dung Hill….(toilet)

        My heartfelt DEEP Prayer for all is to keep your eyes on Jesus Christ…he alone went to the Cross for us….he alone was sent by The Father ”for us”…Don’t be fooled by a demon who only wants to take as many of us down that wide path of lies and deceit, All the lusts of this world, whether it be sexual or spiritual or mental or just the fancy finger nail polish or the ”latest craze of hair-so’s for men and women”….Satan will use anything to draw us out…For the Love of God PLEASE LISTEN…we are in a terrible war and we will be the victims…it is not a small matter that ‘God himself is going to send ‘delusion’ to all… and if it were not for his boundless mercy we all would perish his cutting the days shorter that ”some may be saved…those who keep their eyes on Jesus and stay in His Word…are going to be the only ones on that narrow path to the narrow gates!

        All this hype and talk defending the Catholic Church is a rue to ‘stir up’ your bowels so a deceptive spirit can deceive you…making you think you’re so smart with all your accounting ways of defending the historical Catholic Church…one line upon another line till you have exhausted your own wealth of faith all for what????? Brick and Mortar and a lying religion led by a man having people to call his ‘father’ and worshiping stone, wood, stubble in the image of Mary, and many ‘men’ these men have deemed saints….when neither of these men went to the Cross to die ”for” you was raised for you….and ”THAT MADE YOU SAINT…by His blood…the Blood of Jesus Christ…yet some or so simple minded they give all the glory to ‘men who pervert the Gospel of Jesus Christ, pervert Chasity, pervert modesty and pervert the seeking of the ignorant seeking GOD who run after the things of Satan thinking they are of God…

      2. Amen Bea K. ….” To come back to our first love…Jesus Christ”…and stay there…

  2. The Catholics has never been the saving power of The Lord,hence they do not understand what it means to be saved.let us pray to The Lord to open their eyes.These poor Chatholic souls are precious to The Lord,many
    are following these cult out of pure sincerity

  3. Christianity is the false faith, so back to the original faith in Yeshua HaMashiach, He is Yahweh and He comes from Nazareth (Israel) not from Greek (Replacement Theologic), Yeshua HaMashiach will come back again from New Yerushalem in Israel.
    The Christianity must return to the Fatrher’s Home (Nazarene Israel), May Abba Yahweh bless !

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