Hamas aim for nuclear reactor

Hamas: We attempted to hit the nuclear reactor in Dimona.

The Hamas tries to create a nuclear disaster inside Israel.
The Hamas tries to create a nuclear disaster inside Israel.

3 rockets fired at Negev city which contains Israel’s nuclear reactor; 2 fall in open areas, one intercepted; earlier, Iron Dome intercepts rocket over greater Tel Aviv area; rockets land in open areas south of Haifa.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The problem for Israel seems to be obvious.  To be able to stop the Hamas, they will have to match the cruelty of the Islamic terror group. This was also the dilemma for the allied forces in 1944.

How to get to Berlin, and end the regime of Hitler?

The Americans and Brits did not reach Berlin first. The Russian soldiers came first, driver by the ultimate hate for the Nazi butchers. The Nazi-regime had killed more than 10 million Russians, and redused the area from Poland to Moscow to aches.

A terror-group has no problems to create a nuclear disaster in the Negev desert in Israel.  If so, Israel needs to match this cruelty with the use of bunker buster bombs that will hit the Hamas leadership under the hospital in Gaza. No way around the sad and tragic death of hundred of people at the hospital. If, he staff refuse to evacuate the building.

The alternative seem less useful. To send in the Golani brigade, to fight in the streets of Gaza. This will take time. Before the Hamas leaders are booked or killed, the Dimona reactor might be on fire.

Let us pray that Jesus the Messiah will have mercy on all souls in prison, who have been made slave of Islamic terrorism.

Written by Ivar

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    1. Dear †disciple†

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for this comment. God of the Bible has in the past used various ungodly kings to bring jugdment. We have seen how the Muslims have been slaughtering each other.

      Now, it seems to be Israel’s time to bring judgement on Hamas. Time seems to be up for Ismail Hanyet and his team of kaliphate supporters.

      Let us pray that Jesus the Messiah will have mercy on all decived souls. Amen.

      1. Amen. I pray for those deceived. However, Jesus and his apostles clearly stated what would happen to deceived souls when the Son of Man descends in glory…

  1. How stupid these Hamas or any other that want to destroy Israel by hitting a Nuclear station. How then could they even think of taking over Israel after they hit it? They would destroy everything and even themselves. What? They think that they would not suffer any effects from a Nuclear explosion?? This is the same for all the other nations who wave and threaten what they have to push a button. They are born to have one purpose….. to rob, kill and destroy. They have the seed of the serpent

  2. Form time immemorial the Arabs are stupid. Their mind is always about women meaning how to stone them now I think the nuclear reactor in Israel for them it just like stoning a woman beyond they can not think better

  3. Hi All

    Evidently Obama telephoned Mr Netanyahu to offer US support in facilitating a ceasefire. Obama is a joke and I find his sudden gesture extremely annoying. Peace most definitely won’t come from Obama acting in his human capacity. Only God can work peace for Israel if it is His will. Obama couldn’t care less about Israel, now suddenly he wants to help???

  4. President Obama is one of our best Presidents ever, and has had the most difficult time of any President I have ever seen in all my 94 years. I have seen racism and prejudice in my lifetime, and it has reared it’s ugly head with this President, yet he still has fixed the economic crisis on his plate when he was sworn in for his first term, plugged away at the deficit, reduced unemployment, eased the mortgage crisis, killed Bin Laden, presented a healthcare plan modeled after Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts plan, which now 74% of Republicans like, in the latest poll! As an”old school” Republican, I see shades of Eisenhower in this President, yet I have never seen such a recalcitrant Congress! And the Speaker of the House suing the President? Ridiculous!
    In the future, I hope people will keep comments about our President out of the discussion of Israel’s and the Middle East problems, none of which he had anything to do with creating! We have had this problem with the Moslems since the Crusades, it’s not going away, and there will soon be a huge war over this, I believe. I just pray God will be on our side, but he won’t be if we continue to hate a President that half of our fellow Americans elected, and re elected, and hate our fellow Americans of many races and nationalities.
    You can say what you like abut my comments, of course, but I will speak my mind, just as you have spoken yours.

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