Just do good, and we’ll find a meeting point, says Francis in marked departure from Benedict’s line on non-Catholics.

The Pope is a desiever of the flock, a son of Hell.
The Pope is a deceiver of the flock, a Jesuit son of Hell.

Atheists should be seen as good people if they do good, Pope Francis has said in his latest urging that people of all religions, and none, work together.

The leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics made his comments in the homily of his morning mass at his residence, a daily event at which he speaks without prepared comments.
He told the story of a Catholic who asked a priest if even atheists had been redeemed by Jesus.
“Even them, everyone,” the pope answered, according to Vatican Radio. “We all have the duty to do good,” he said.

“Just do good, and we’ll find a meeting point,” the pope said in a hypothetical reply to the hypothetical comment: “But I don’t believe. I’m an atheist.”

Francis’s reaching out to atheists and people who belong to no religion is in marked contrast to the attitude of his predecessor, Benedict, who sometimes prompted complaints from non-Catholics that he seemed to see them as second-class believers.

Source: The Guardian

My comment:

With such a statement from the Pope, it should be clear for all who read the Bible, that the Roman Catholic religion presents to us a “different Jesus”.

A non-Biblical savior, a copy-cat Messiah, who accept and promote lawlessness.

I have earlier written several articles, claiming “Jesus of Rome” to be a false Messiah. The copy-cat of the Vatican, is not Jesus of Nazareth. The “Jesus” of the Pope is an invention of man, inspired by spiritual sources that has its base inside the bottomless pit.

The Pope present to mankind a different “father”, a different “son” and a different “Holy Spirit”. Mankind do not need to repent. No one who “do good” will end up in the eternal fire of Hell.

There is no coming judgment, and no consequence of living in sin and indulgences.  This is the talk of a man who serve Satan, the leader of a pagan priesthood.

They mislead 1,2 billion Roman Catholics. By their wickedness that give the true Jesus the Messiah a bad name, and push hundreds of millions of secular people further away from salvation.

The Bible is crystal clear: No one can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, without being born again. Born by the Spirit of God.

   John 3:3

Jesus replied, ‘Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.’

And even after Jesus died on the cross, there are human beings refusing to accept Him, still living in sin, cursing them selves.  When Jesus the Messiah returns, they will face judgment and eternity in Hell.

 Matthew 25:41

‘Then he will say to those on his left, “Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

This spiritual disaster based in the Vatican goes on, and will not end before Jesus the Messiah returns as the lion of Judah, telling billions of people that they will have to pay for their rejection of the truth.

Repent. Do not end up in the camp of the popes.

First publsihed: May 27th 2013.

Written by Ivar