Arabs hoist Nazi-flag in Judea

When the Arabs use the Nazi-flag in the district of Judea, on the so-falled “West Bank”, those Nazi-elements must understand that the Jewish people will have to use stern tools to get rid of this cancer. It took a million soldiers to free France from Nazism in 1944.

Take a look at this video from secular Israeli news agency, Tapits.


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6 thoughts on “Arabs hoist Nazi-flag in Judea

  1. At times what the Arabs does bemused me at their utter ignorance of their action.To hoist a Nazi flag means the Arabs are turnining themselves into brute humanoid creatures.the land of Israel belongs to the Jews and nothing can change it.

    1. No my buddy, you’re wrong there. Many nations in the world are capable of – with the mere push of some buttons – completely destroying the ground where Israel sits. Complete destruction, craters of wasted glass extending hundreds of meters down, nothing left but a 1000 kilometer wide hole, filled with lava and teeming with radiation. No man would again set foot on that land ever again, including the Jews. The problem here is ignorance, though, youre right there. However its the same you display, the same displayed by Israel, by Palestine, the same ignorance displayed by people who would rather continue to murder, maim, and blow people up.

      Both sides need to realize here is that the earth is a very finite place, a place that is very very delicatem and because NO ONE alive today has ever truly experienced anything else – it is the only place that we really have. This (life) is all we truly know, because we have not experienced anything else, we should be making an effort to make it a utopia for everyone!!!!!

  2. Heaven help us all. Judea, of all places. That flag is an abomination. In WW2, it caused much desolation. Am I jumping to conclusions here, or is my skin crawling for all the reasons I’ve just mentioned?

  3. ‘Cause Nazi-Islam never fell, he reborn after WWII, like the phoenix from the ashes … But now it’s called: Leftists, liberals, Democrats, European Union, UN, NATO, Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc…. Maghreb = NWO.

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