Jewhate the new pandemic

This video expose the global rise in antisemitism. The pandemic is spreading rapidly from the bunkers of Islamic Jihad to the oval office in Washington D.C.

This 7 minutes video is worth watching.

Written by Ivar



3 thoughts on “Jewhate the new pandemic

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  1. Israel cannot be proven to be an ally to any country of the world.
    And as far as, Turkey hating Israel and Obama slighting Israel for Turkey, and article this or last years claimed the Jews have ruled Turkey secretly since WW1
    Just as they ruled Germany since WW1 until Hitler came to power and threw them out .
    Just as they ruled Russia after WW1
    The Jews are seeking to rule the world. But it becomes very hard when web sites like this criticize the Jew and then have to or try to explain that the world must accept the Jew because of some comment in the Bible about the Jews and Israel being God’s chosen people.

    1. Dear Eugene

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      The Jews are seeking to rule the world.

      My reply:

      Are you by any chanse, related to the family of Adolf Hitler?

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