Dozen rockets from Gaza

Iron dome intercepts rocket fired at Beersheba after IAF strikes Gaza.

Iron dome protects Israel from rocket fired from Gaza.
Iron dome protects Israel from rocket fired from Gaza.

IDF holds Hamas responsible for terror activities emanating from coastal Palestinian enclave after a dozen projectiles rain down on Israel throughout Saturday; Israeli aircraft hit 3 Gaza terror sites.

The Iron Dome rocket defense system intercepted a projectile fired at Beersheba on Saturday evening shortly after the Israel Air Force struck three terror sites in southern Gaza Strip in response to a continuous barrage of rockets fired at southern Israel throughout the day.
“The IDF is prepared to defend Israeli citizens from any threat and will continue to act decisively and as long as necessary until quiet the routine are restored,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

Islam and Judaism can simply not be of the same origin. In both camps, they claim that the land where the state of Israel is located is theirs.

Islamic Jihad wants to destroy the state of Israel by using violence. When the Arabs try to slaughter the Jews, they only put a curse on them selves. There is no end of misery and pain in the footsteps of the sons and daughters of Muhammad. Their house are cursed.
Their sons are curses.
Their livelihood are curses.
Their cities are curses.
Their infants are curses.
Their societies are curses.
Their culture are curses.
Their daughters are curses.

They curse their present and their future.

 Genesis 12:3

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.’

What can the Arabs do to remove all these curses?

Stop cursing Israel, but rather bless her. Get down on your knees and beg God of Israel for mercy. God of Israel is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the blood of the Messiah also cleanses the Arabs from all their sins, if they repent and obey. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Sometimes I wonder as to why the Arabs want to destroy Israel the answer is simple demonic powers are completely in control in the form Allah of meka.this demons knew thier end is drawing near therefore as much as possible they want the Jews to be destroyed.But is completely impossible because our Lord is eternal Lord covenant keeping Lord Glory to His Wonderful Name. amen

    1. Daniel Joseph

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      Sometimes I wonder as to why the Arabs want to destroy Israel the answer is simple demonic powers are completely in control in the form Allah of meka…

      My reply:

      “allah” is no “god”. “allah” is a demon. A desert demon. For 1.400 years submission to this demon has crippled the Arab culture, and made hundreds of millions of human beings slaves. Slaves of unrighteousness, and slaves of sin. This demonic principality of darkness is one of the best tools of Satan.

  2. Of course Islam and Judaism have no the same roots. It’s very strong hoax, deception, which use for centuries – and especially since the nineteenth century – the silent supporters of the islamic cult. The same who created the theory of Evolution (Saxons = Teutons = Germans).

    Not many have the notion that Islam is derived from the polytheistic worship of the Moon’s god – Sin (yes, there was a time, in matriarchy system, when Sun was a female goddess and Moon was a man!) and bloody sacrifices, also human’s sacrifices. The cult of the god Sin wandered from the grounds of today’s Yemen, to Babylon – at a time when the Jews were in exile. It is this cult, mixed with local beliefs, contributed to the fall of Babylon. By entering into marital relations with the polytheistic goddesses. That’s how born a demon / god Nazi, from the relationship with the goddess of disease and healing, Nanshe. In time, the cult Nanshe was replaced by – Nazi. So the same was with the demon/next god – Alla’.

    Please read the:

    Nazi-Islam is not Religion! People should know that! It is the basis for understanding with what we have to deal with and how we can fight with it. Who recognizes the Nazi-Islam as a religion, and connects this evil cult with the Biblie, which gave birth to the Decalogue, is deceived.

    Nazi-Alla was an ancient Serpent, the Great Deceiver (Babylonian demon of “war, violence and revolution”, demanding the blood of his followers). Sound familiar?

    I recommed text (google translator needed, but worth the effort):

    … the Germanic archaeologists have unearthed Babylon (Iraq) in XIX c., which as we know from the Old Testament, should always remain covered by sands of the desert, as the habitat of demons!

    Most of the so-called. historians commits a fundamental mistake. They say that Nazi = National Socialism. This is only an illusion (mask) … The Nazis fought – first of all – with Judeo-Christianity morality, like I mentioned,… about book “The Pink Swastika”. It’s happening again. Nazism and fascism is reborn in the West and in the Arab world has never disappeared. Writing that Nazism reborn, I mean the former alliance, called. Axis Power! And which countries were in it? Do you remember?

    Is it too much..? So sorry… but as a philosopher and historian, spent three decades studying this subject and although many will say it’s not true, it’s so only because THEY WANT TO HIDE IT! All these information can be found in: both the Old Testament and the mythology of Sumer and Babylon. And that’s what the Nazi-Islam is. It’s time to wake up!


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