Allah honored in the Vatican

Watch this video of the Garden party of the century. Today it has become fully known, that the Pope is a follower of “allah”.

Former Pope has worshiped “allah”, but more in the secret. Like Pope John II.  He even kissed the “Holy Koran”.

The late Pope showed what his heart was full of.
The late Pope showed what he had in his heart.

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4 thoughts on “Allah honored in the Vatican

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  1. is he son of perdition, how will the destruction take place, the church is not watching its all grace and love.

  2. Vatican is a seat of Satan, and Islam is founded by Satans emmisary angel.

    Birds with same feather flock together. Nothing new under the sun.

    check out Be4thefire site……great nail in a RCC coffin…..4 all who have doubts is RCC ok or not

  3. Naturally the Pope, who should know what Allah means, honours Allah. When he talked in Jerusalem and other places in the East he said Allah and we in Europe also could hear him saying Allah because that is just a title of the Most High. It would be strange if the present pope would ignore the language of so many millions, and now because so many Americans are against “Allah” would have to withdraw all the Roman Catholic Bibles where is written Allah.

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