Taliban friends of Obama

Goats have been slaughtered across Afghanistan. The Taliban celebrates the release of five Guantanamo Bay.

Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama these men are back in the leadership of the Taliban.
Thanks to Barack Hussein Obama these men are back in the leadership of the Taliban.

A senior member of the Afghan Taliban has described the exchange of the five detainees for U.S. Army Sgt Bowe Bergdahl as a ‘historic moment for us’.


The five detainees – Mohammad Fazl, Khairullah Khairkhwa, Mullah Norullah Noori, Mohammed Nabi and Abdul Haq Wasiq – are thought to be the most senior Afghans who were held at the U.S. detention facility in Cuba, having been captured during America’s military campaign in 2001.

Source: The Daily Mail.

Fellow soldiers claim former US prisoner of war left note behind when he disappeared saying he no longer wanted to be an American citizen

Bergdahl declared that he wanted to renounce his US citizenship in a note that he left behind in his tent before disappearing “to start a new life”, according to former members of his army unit.

Some soldiers who served alongside him believe that he may also have walked off their remote outpost in eastern Afghanistan on previous occasions, possibly trying to contact the Taliban, and returned unharmed.

Source: The Telegraph, UK.

My comment:

It is not easy for Barack Hussein Obama to operate in the USA, without some people take notice of his betrayal of American values.

The President born of a Muslim father, is a sympathizer of the Taliban. He brands them a “peace partner”, and just released 5 of their senior terrorists from Guantanamo Bay. No need to inform the public, that the Taliban leadership has demanded the release of these five men for years. And did put up the condition of their release, before accepting “peace negotiations” with the US.

The Obama Administration used an American Prisoner of War as an excuse to release these close aides of the Taliban leader Mullah Omar. The problem with this explanation, is that the POW was a subordinate, who also wanted to trash his American citizenship.  Such a prisoner exchange set an example for pure evil to be done, to weaken the Americans belief that there is justice to be done.

Obama is honored with a knighthood by the King of Saudi Arabia.
Obama is honored with a knighthood by the King of Saudi Arabia.

For Obama, public critics of his doings, do no longer matter. He is a “lame duck” who is more concerned if his mentors in Saudi Arabia acknowledge him. If he is worthy of the Islamic medal of honor, he received in Riyadh, just months after taking over the office as the Commander in Chief in Washington D.C.

The betrayal is on. Both of American Christian values, Zionist Israel, and eventually Jesus the Messiah.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Taliban friends of Obama

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    1. Dear godsfingers

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      There are several pictures on the net, where the Saudi King put the medal around the neck of Obama, an act honored by the photographers. Here, Obama is taking if off again, after the ceremony, before traveling back to Washington DC.

      1. Ah, thank you for the clarification. Maybe there is an even higher honor for him after turning loose the 5 taliban terrorists. The world in in for very bad times soon….

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