Almost 800 ‘forgotten’ Irish children dumped in septic tank mass grave at Catholic home.

A pagan idol of stone and wood overlook the hidden mass grave in Ireland.
A pagan idol of stone and wood overlook the hidden mass grave in Ireland.

A septic tank was used to dump the bodies of almost 800 babies and children in Ireland near a home for unmarried mothers run by nuns, new research has shown, throwing more light on the Irish Catholic Church’s troubled past.

Death records suggest 796 children, from newborns to eight-year-olds, were dumped in a septic tank near a Catholic-run home for unmarried mothers, turning it into a mass grave. The deaths occurred during the 35 years the home operated from 1925 to 1961.

The hidden mass grave in a former playground for Roman Catholic nuns.
The hidden mass grave in a former playground for Roman Catholic nuns.

The government announced it was examining the “best means” to address the “deeply disturbing” revelations. Historian Catherine Corless, who made the discovery, said her study of death records for St Mary’s home in Tuam in County Galway suggests the former septic tank near the facility is a mass grave.

The septic tank, full to the brim with bones, was discovered in 1975 by locals when concrete slabs covering the tank broke up.
Until now, locals believed the bones mainly stemmed from the Great Irish famine of the 1840s when hundreds of thousands perished.

St Mary’s, run by the Bon Secours Sisters, was one of several “mother and baby” homes in early 20th century Ireland

Source: ABC News

My comment:

The best way to cover up a crime, is to build a religious shrine at the very site of the crime. And claim protection in the name of religion.

The Roman Catholic Church has had innocent blood on their hands since it was formed 1.700 years ago in the pagan empire of Rome.

Innocent blood will be repaid for during the time of judgment.

The major problem with this religious movement, is that it is claiming to be true Christianity. It is not. It has never been. It is a copy-cat, who misuse the name of Jesus the Messiah.  It is a spiritual disaster of catastrophic levels, that thousand of Protestant Christian leaders now accept the Vatican to be a center of Christianity, and the Pope, a Christian leader.

The dumping of 800 children in a Roman Catholic septic tank in Ireland, is just of of many grotesque example of the wickedness of this religious movement.

What is the largest error committed by Rome?

The answer takes us right to the top. To the seat of the Pope. He claims to be the infallible “Holy Father”. By this claim the “Holy see” set him self in the position of “god”,  and put a cruse on the head of all who support this evil.

The truth is that Jesus the Messiah exclusively called His Father God in Heaven, the “Holy Father”. Only God is infallible. All man are mortal sinners, fallible and evil throughout he core of their bones. All men needs to submit to Jesus the Messiah. They need to obey the Word of God, and surrender to His Lordship.

Revelation 18:2
With a mighty voice he shouted: ‘“Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great!” She has become a dwelling for demons and a haunt for every impure spirit, a haunt for every unclean bird, a haunt for every unclean and detestable animal.

if you want to escape the fires of Hell, you need to run for your life away from any Roman Catholic shrine. They will be completely destroyed and burned, when Jesus the Messiah returns to Jerusalem.

Written by Ivar