US: “Unity” without Hamas

After Israel slammed US support of PA, State Department clarifies position, says country ‘will be judging technocratic government by its actions’.‬‬

A leader from the Hamas is still missing among these united men.
A leader from the Hamas is still missing among these united men.

State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf spoke in defense of the US decision to maintain relations with the Palestinian unity government, stressing that the new cabinet does not include “ministers affiliated with Hamas”.

“It appears that President Abbas has formed an interim technocratic government that does not include any ministers affiliated with Hamas. In fact, most of the key cabinet positions, including the prime minister, the two deputy prime ministers and the finance minister, are the same as in the prior government. They are all technocrats unaffiliated with any political party and are responsible for facilitating new elections,” the US spokeswoman said

My comment:

Just some few questions:

What kind of “unity” government is this?

Can there be a “unity government,”, where only one of the two parties who claim to walk in “unity” are represented?

Since there has been no election within the Arab Palestine leadership since 2006:  Who do the new “unity government” represent?

Will Islamic terrorists from the Hamas be permitted to stand for elections?

If the Hamas win the up coming elections, will the US and the EU recognize this election, and continue to support this Islamic terror organization?

There seems to be neither substance, nor any truth in this messages from Washington D.C. If God of the Bible is going to be taken into consideration, these men must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls. Amen.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “US: “Unity” without Hamas

  1. Unity or no unity it doesn’t concern the state of Israel.They are united to destroy Israel.Obama the muslim is helping the Arabs destroy Israel , but one thing is certain JESUS IS LORD over all Glory to His name.

    1. Daniel Joseph

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for this comment.

      Many fail to understand that Jesus is the King of the Jews, and the rock of Israel. He will reign over the house of Jacob forever. His reign is not suspended.

  2. The ‘agreement’ of this on Monday’ with and by “Pharaoh Obama (of the USA) saying Hamas will not have anything to do with it on Monday…and He the USA will support Israel & Palestine in this ”Technocratic Agreement” (which he forced Israel to do)….then back in Kansas (USA ‘The White House USA’..On Wednesday in the ”middle of the week” …The President (Pharaoh himself who keeps everything ‘perfectly clear’) said ‘he will back and support Hamas and Palestine in this government! No Wonder Israel says the President Obama (USA Leader) ‘Stabbed Israel in the back!!”….(sound familiar?? At least the ‘Ole Pharaoh is living up to his name of the ‘Old’ the Original Pharaoh…’he liked ‘changed also..he’d say one thing then do another all the time and the Jews and all who objected to his antics became part of the latest buildings, it added unseen substance! I think now a day that’s called ‘taking a swim with your shoes on…(but they are made of ‘concrete’)
    Hey don’t forget this is June..and President Obama, ‘Declared June’ Homosexual, Lesbian, (pervert) Month!! Every transvestite and sicko can Celebrate their ‘Sexual Perversions in Parades all across America’ without abuse’….Whoopee… And when President Obama signed this Little Diddie into History…he passed out Pens to all the Little Perverts standing around him supporting him in this Historical Decision….Disney World and Disney Land makes a Big-ta-do in June for these Obama favorites…
    February is Chrislam Month…Wow we are moving right along…..if I have forgot anything…please let me know I wouldn’t want my calendar to forget to ‘what day to slop the Pigs and what day not to go to Disney Land!
    Funny thing when the Demons asked Jesus to cast them into that group of Pigs near him, because it was not the time for their time of torment, and Jesus said ”Okay” and sent them ‘into the Pigs’… soon as the Demons entered the Pigs…the pigs ran ”off the cliff and killed themselves…..that goes to show you that ‘Pigs are smarter than a lot of folks!!’ (smile) But
    These ‘lawmakers’ playing around with all these demons passing these laws of blasphemous things that even Pigs have better sense to hang around….Geesh! but Oh well…we’ll stick around as The Lord says and watch this play out till the last curtain call, the War on Christians will be something (smile) at least we are not under the Law but by Grace we ‘can have a ‘BLT (smile) and Fries’….have a great Day yall …God Bless in Jesus Name! Keep your eyes on the faith Jesus had of His Father it will never fail us, and He will find the Faith He wants to find when He returns ‘for us’…it’s ever so close’. you all are in my prayers.
    I know that ‘middle of the week’ thing with Obama is not what Daniel spoke of but it sure sounded funny…and fit the scenario I couldn’t help but laugh…on Monday, Obama ‘promises Israel’ this and that, and in the middle of the same week…Obama…breaks his promises…hahaha….right out of the Bible…’lies at the table…they spoke lies at the table….to Israel…

  3. Besides Hamas and Fatah (PA) Obama and his ilk have new friends: Amal-murderers from Lebanon.
    http://www.fro…(Edited. ). eld/kerry-chats-wterrorist-leader-in-twa-flight-847-hijacking/

    External links not permitted on this site. Editor.

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