Pope admit devil worship

When a priest subjects a child to abuse, it is as if the priest has celebrated a “black Mass” as part of a Satanic ritual.

The Pope told some truths, but tried to hide the truth about the Catholic mas being the problem.
The Pope told some truths, but will never tell the truth about the Catholic mas being the problem.

Pope Francis said Monday that he plans to celebrate a Mass with a small group of victims of sexual abuse in the coming weeks and to hold a private meeting to hear from them, a session in which Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley of Boston will also take part.

Francis also revealed that three Catholic bishops are under Vatican investigation for matters related to sexual abuse, citing those inquiries as proof that there will be no “daddy’s boys” in the clergy who enjoy special privileges on his watch.

Francis did not make it clear whether those three bishops are being investigated for abuse they are alleged to have committed or for an alleged failure to respond properly to possible abuse by others.

The pope made the comments in a press conference during his return flight from Jerusalem to Rome, at the conclusion of a three-day trip to the Middle East.

Francis used strong language to denounce the sexual abuse of children by clergy, calling it a “very grave crime” and saying that when a priest subjects a child to abuse, it is as if the priest has celebrated a “black Mass” as part of a Satanic ritual.

Source: Boston Globe

My comment:

The Pope is right. The priests, bishops and cardinals who abuse children in front of the altars, have just conducted a black mass. They have been involved in devil worship.

The problem is that the Pope do not move into the logical conclusion. That the Roman Catholic mass it self, is a “black mass”. The Pope him self is the man behind the doctrine, that the priest has just crucified the Messiah. Every day, in thousands of religious shrines around the Planet, this blasphemy has been conducted. The Pope believe he has been able to take “Jesus” out of Heaven, and crucified him. This ritual is repeated every day, in every Roman Catholic shrine.

Next:  The priests believe he drinks the blood of a man of flesh, just as the Satanists do. The Roman Catholic Pope literally believe all of his priests, can turn red wine into the real blood of God, by their magic formula.

The worst form of devil worship took place in the Vatican just a few weeks ago. Roman Catholic priests cut the late Pope John Paul II, and tapped his blood. And started to worship the blood of a mortal man, and declare this blood for holy.

This extremely wicked religious movement, also have other religious ritual that are quite grotesque. Like worship of bones, corpses and skulls. This religious movement surfaced from exile in Italy, in 1929. Lifted back to power by Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, who gifted the exiled Pope the Vatican statehood.  What is disturbing, is that an increasing number of Protestant Christians, now serve false teachers, who have accepted the “Holy see” as a Christian leader.

Please learn from the thousand of children who were molested and sexual abused by their own priesthood. When a blind man leads another, they both fall into a ditch. Leave them alone, and start to follow Jesus the Messiah.

Written by Ivar

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  1. I have never seen so much hatred on any website. We catholic’s know the priests have not cut and tapped the blood from Pope John II. This is false propaganda. The truth is that it is a relic from blood that was drawn in hospital for testing purpose before the Pope passed away.
    Cutting and tapping huh.

    1. Dear armorrcc

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Were Roman Catholic clergy men, involved when the blood was tapped from the dying Pope?

      Here is what the UK Newspaper, The Telegraph has recorded:

      “Religious orders are vying for ampoules of blood, taken by the pope’s personal physician and sent to a hospital in Rome during the his dying days in case a blood transfusion was needed”.

      “One precious vessel of blood was almost lost in September 2012 when a priest carrying it on a train, near Rome, was distracted and robbed by three bandits. It was found just hours later lying in a field”.

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2546749/Relic-containing-blood-Pope-John-Paul-II-1981-assassination-attempt-stolen-Italian-chapel-police-probe-Satanist-sect-blame.html#ixzz32u7g1hD7

      To deny that a Bishops were involved in this, is a blunt lie. Yet another example of Roman Catholic self denial. The Pope is never alone. His personal secretary follow in his footsteps. He is an Order Brother, titled Monsignor (Bishop).

      The tapping of “Holy blood” has to be supervised by a Bishop. So that the doctor is not taken in fraud. Just like a Bishop has to supervise a body being ex-hummed. The Bishop is called to oversee that the bones are cut from the correct corpse.

    2. It is a well known fact that DEVIL worship is alive at the Vatican today!! None can deny this – not even the cardinals and the bishops! This “whore of Babylon” openly worships LUCIFER in its Mass! Who can deny this on-going satanic events inside the Vatican which is the SEAT of Satan???

    3. Lots of vicious anti-Cstholics. Not any sort of Christianity I want to be part of. Most due to hatred and ignorance. As a Catholic I have been to every church from Baptist to Unitarian to find out what it is like. Now I know. Xenophobic people hate what they do not know.

      1. as a former catholic of 35+ yrs, i promise you that the truth is in Jesus Christ, not in that fasle ‘church’. but to underestimate this is to underestimate the Scriptures and our Creator. the Bible, not a ‘church’, is the way.
        Gods will i pray for you!

      2. The Pope is supposed to be Christian ..the reason why Christianity exists is because of Christ who is the legit head of the Christian church…so who is he speaking for ???

  2. Yes, those articles are from years ago. You incorrectly stated that the Priests cut and tapped the blood a few weeks ago and then worshipped the blood. This is bearing false witness against thy neighbour.
    Catholics worship God alone. Praying to Saints and honouring Saints is not worship. I have noticed this has been debated in other false articles you have placed – so you know what Catholics believe.
    God Bless

    1. Could you please explain to me why one has to pray to saints? I,ve never read that in the Bible. And I have never read that one has to pray to Mary or venerate her. Please explain this to me, cause to me this does not make sense.

      1. Jesus is the Head of the Body, His family of all who has been baptised in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We here on earth and the Saints in Heaven are all part of the Body of Christ. Just as I can ask you to pray for me, I can ask the Saints in Heaven to pray for me. Saints in Heaven are alive and they are cheering for us on our way to salvation. Jesus as Head of the Body, His Church do not cut members of His Body off.
        The mother of Jesus is also part of the Body of Christ, and surely Jesus will not cut His own mother off.

      2. Dear armorrcc

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        I can ask the Saints in Heaven to pray for me. Saints in Heaven are alive and they are cheering for us on our way to salvation.

        The mother of Jesus is also part of the Body of Christ, and surely Jesus will not cut His own mother off.

        My reply:

        We can have different approaches to God of the Bible. We can try with philosophy and human reason. Or we can take God at face value, and follow His instructions.

        1. The Mother of Jesus was a sinner, who needed to be saved by her own Son.
        2. Those who came to the mother of Jesus and asked for her help, was told told to go directly to her Son. Like the Wedding in Caana, etc.
        4. The Bible explains that there is only ONE mediator between men and God, and that is Jesus the Messiah. No need for more than Him.
        5. But: We like to do whatever the Pope has permitted, and declared “Holy”. Like making “saints”, proclaim that they will help us after they have departed, pray to them, and announce that they have done miracles. This is outright blasphemy.

        Such is the nature of rebellion and wickedness. Men who refuse to obey God of the Bible, is basically left with a mind that does not function anymore. The spirit they have accepted lead them astray, and into the lake of Fire. When truth is spoken, they outright reject it.

        What else can we do, than to pray that Jesus of the Bible eventually will have mercy on your souls?

      3. U r correct if does not state we r to pray to saints or Mary. The bible states that Jesus sits at the right hand of God making intercession for us ! Not can u get to heaven by being good enough if that were so then why did Jesus have to die on the cross then? It’s not by works lest any man should boast ! Plain and simple it’s Jesus and Jesus alone without the shedding of blood there is no remission of sins Jesus paid it all once and for all! All u have to do is believe Jesus is the son if God and that he died on the cross for our sins then ask him to forgive us and repent and ask jh to take over in our lives and heart and by FAITH u r guaranteed to go to heaven when Jesus returns for his bride those that r his

  3. These same points were discussed by other Catholics elsewhere on this site and went around in circles.
    What can be added, also elsewhere on this site you have quoted Martin Luther – something in line of the ” Papacy is the antichris “. By quoting Martin Luther it seems you must believe his sermons.
    This is, what else he said:

    “. . . she is full of grace, proclaimed to be entirely without sin. . . . God’s grace fills her with everything good and makes her devoid of all evil. . . . God is with her, meaning that all she did or left undone is divine and the action of God in her. Moreover, God guarded and protected her from all that might be hurtful to her.”

    (Luther’s Works, American edition, vol. 43, p. 40, ed. H. Lehmann, Fortress, 1968) 

    There is no logic to take some truths and accept it and reject others.
    Jesus is Truth and He founded one Teaching Church. Jesus did not founded the Bible. The Gosple was written many years after Christ has risen from the death. The Catholic Church has compiled the Bible 400 years later. Up to that point it was all Tradition (T) carried from the Apostles and then the Church Fathers. The Catholic Church, 2000 years later still believe in those same Traditions handed to us. And of course Holy Scripture.

    1. Dear armorrcc

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      The Gosple was written many years after Christ has risen from the death. The Catholic Church has compiled the Bible 400 years later.

      My reply:

      I hope I can be of some help to you.
      1. The Word of God predates the Church of Rome by about 1300 years.
      2. The first Bible is the Hebrew Bible. Written by Jews, for Jews, and about Jews.
      3. The Roman Catholic Church is not the oldest Church.
      4. The first Church was formed in Jerusalem, and in the districts of Judea and Samaria.
      5. The Thomas Church in India was formed around 50.A.D It knew no Pope before it faced the Portuguese invasion of the Indian ocean around 1500 A.D.
      6. The Coptic Church in Egypt was also formed about 200 hundred years before there ever was a Pope in Rome, set in by the pagan Emperor.
      7. The New Testament was added to the Hebrew Bible around 350-400 A.D, by Bishops from all over the Middle East, North Africa and some from Italy. The Bishop of Rome had at this time not fully become a religious dictator, that could control all Christians. The Assyrian Church of the East was very much independent from Rome, and involved in the canonization of Scriptures.

      The Pope will never be able to become the Earthly head of the Church, no matter how hard he tries. We know for sure that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the true witnesses of Jesus the Messiah.

      1. Do you think, that the Tribulation of Jacob and the Great Tribulation refer to the same thing?

      2. Dear Friends of Israel

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You asked:

        Do you think, that the Tribulation of Jacob and the Great Tribulation refer to the same thing?

        My reply:

        I am of the opinion that we have already entered the Great Tribulation. And that the badly persecuted Church soon will be rapture. The lukewarm and apostate “Church” basically understand nothing. They gross majority of “Christians” have more faith in the totalitarian forces that control the Global Media, than in the martyrs of our days. False teachers and false prophets have crippled the Church both in Europe and in North America.

      3. Jesus Christ Himself, quoted from the Septuagint. Early Christians used the Septuagint to support Christian teachings. The Jews were upset that these new Christians were using their translation for Christian advantage. By careful examination, scholars have determined that about 300 of these are from the Septuagint and the rest are from the Hebrew Old Testament.

        Martin Luther removed the 7 Books that was also in the Septuagint.

        The largest of the Thomas Christian Churches is in full communion with the Catholic Church with about 4 million members. It is also the second largest Eastern Catholic Church and in full communion with the Bishop of Rome.
        Half of the truth is not sufficient

      4. Dear armorrcc

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        I can not debate the full Church history with you, and jump from topic to topic.

        But please tell others the truth about the Hebrew Bible, and the first Christian Church in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

        Lies do not become truth by the Roman Catholic Church distributing lies through the centuries, and indoctrinating their children. Both the Bible and the first Churches pre-dates Roman Catholicism and the Papacy.

      5. @ivarfjeld
        You stated:

        “The Gosple was written many years after Christ has risen from the death. The Catholic Church has compiled the Bible 400 years later.”

        This is true. It was the Catholic Church that compiled the books of the canon of the OT & the NT into the completed Christian Bible.

        You stated: “1. The Word of God predates the Church of Rome by about 1300 years.”

        The Word of God existed as the OT – not yet as having been completed with the NT canon. For that matter, it is important to note that the OT canon had not yet been settled. According to Wikipedia on the “Development of the Old Testament canon”, the dating of the canon of the OT books ranges anywhere from 140 BC to as late as 200 AD – or even later.

        This brings to mind a very important question because history tells us that the last of the NT books was completed about the end of the first century (about 100 AD at the latest). So…in the absence of a completed Christian Bible, which history does in fact tell us wasn’t put together with the completed canon of Scripture – OT & NT – how did the early Church know that they needed to rely on the Bible alone if they had none completed as yet…?

        “2. The first Bible is the Hebrew Bible. Written by Jews, for Jews, and about Jews.”

        No one disputes this, but there was the Septuagint, which was written for Greek-speaking Jews.

        “3. The Roman Catholic Church is not the oldest Church.”

        Prove this historically with authentic history, please.

        You stated: “4. The first Church was formed in Jerusalem, and in the districts of Judea and Samaria.”


        You stated: “5. The Thomas Church in India was formed around 50.A.D It knew no Pope before it faced the Portuguese invasion of the Indian ocean around 1500 A.D.”

        This is historically incorrect. Check the “List of popes” online on Wikipedia. St. Peter was the 1st Pope. By 1500 AD, there had already been 214 popes, the latest of these being Pope Alexander VI.

        You stated: “6. The Coptic Church in Egypt was also formed about 200 hundred years before there ever was a Pope in Rome, set in by the pagan Emperor.

        Provide historical facts, please. Also provide dates & sources for verification. It is incorrect that Constantine set in any pope. Please familiarize yourself with the List of Popes from Wikipedia & the page on the “Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria”.

        You stated: “7. The New Testament was added to the Hebrew Bible around 350-400 A.D, by Bishops from all over the Middle East, North Africa and some from Italy. The Bishop of Rome had at this time not fully become a religious dictator, that could control all Christians. The Assyrian Church of the East was very much independent from Rome, and involved in the canonization of Scriptures.”

        Assuming your statement’s historical dating is correct, how then did Bible-believing Christians have an inerrant Bible with the OT & NT available to them to believe as their sole rule of faith?

        The Bishop of Rome (aka St. Peter) had been in place there up to the time of his & St. Paul’s martyrdoms about the time of the persecution of Nero – somewhere around 64-68 AD.

        The Assyrian Church of the East followed the Nestorian heresy. I cannot comment on its involvement in matters of the canon as that would require more research on my part at this time.

        You stated: “The Pope will never be able to become the Earthly head of the Church, no matter how hard he tries. We know for sure that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against the true witnesses of Jesus the Messiah.”

        He already is the Steward/Shepherd put in place by Christ Himself. And Christ said that those who don’t listen to him, also don’t listen to the One Who sent Him. Powerful words…

    2. armorrcc,

      It is simply a lie perpetuated by the Roman Catholic “Church” that “the Gospels were written many years after Christ had risen from death.” The letters from the Apostles (that make up the New Testament) were written from barely 20 to 55 years after the Resurrection. When it became apparent that Jesus was not going to return in the lifetimes of the eye-witnesses to the Resurrection, it was determined that their recollections needed to be written down for future believers. They were circulated through the churches, as soon as they were written. The Bible existed as basically the same one that we have today from way before it was formally adopted at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. Look up the “Codex Sinaiticus” and you will see that that is so. The Holy Spirit-inspired Bible is the ONLY sure foundation for faith and the practice of the faith. You have been deceived by Catholic dogma. Read the Bible for yourself.

    3. Not so true. The gospels were written in parts from around 70AD onward. The Catholic Church then went through all the known writings and brought them down to what are now in the Bible. Protestants then cut the writings down further in the 1500s and threw some out.

  4. Getting back to the topic of this article. Please place the link or proof that the Pope admit to devil worship. I have searched and cannot find any proof that the Pope actually admit to devil worship. Much appreciated.

  5. I have found the interview with Pope Francis. As I suspected your article did not take the full interview in context. You jumped from child abuse to the daily Catholic Mass and compare the true Catholic Mass with “black mass”. That is not what the Pope meant. The Pope correctly said child abuse by bishops and priests is like celebrating black mass. Nothing to do with the daily Catholic Mass.
    This article is confusing and I see it as wolve in sheep clothing. Besuse that is what the devil is doing – using clever techniques to confuse people.

    1. Dear Armorrcc

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You will experience freedom of expression on this site. I love to debate with Roman Catholics.

      Many of the alter boys who were raped by Roman Catholic priests, were raped inside the Church. They were helping their Vicars in services during mass, before, during and after.

      If you take the Eucharist first, and than rape a small boy. Who are you, and what kind of mass have you just attended?

      When the Pope compare raping of altar boys with a black mass, it is not just taken out of the blue. The Pope could have compared such sex-crimes with a lot of criminal activities. Like pimps molesting minors inside a bar, gay sex in saunas, etc.

      1. Yes you are correct. The priests or bishops who abuse children have commited mortal sin and will be accountable for this grave sin. That does not mean the Catholic Mass can be compared to the black mass or let your readers believe the Catholic Mass and black mass is the same thanksgiving offering.

      2. Dear armorrcc

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        Since half of my family are Roman Catholics, please understand that I know a lot about this topic. I have been a non believing but practicing Catholic my self. The Eucharist never changed me. It can not. Because this repeated religious ritual is not based on truth. It was understanding the Gospel that changed me. That the blood Jesus shared on Calvary Hill saved my soul from a hundred per cent sure eternity in Hell.

        Before I was saved, i worked in a team to save a Catholic priest from being arrested, accused of molesting a minor. He was eventually transferred out of the country to avoid arrest. Today, I know the injustice done. And it goes the whole way to the top in the Vatican.

  6. May I add that a Priest in mortal sin does not effect the outcome of the Mass.
    The ministers of the Church work instrumentally in the sacraments, because, in a way, a minister is of the nature of an instrument. But an instrument acts not by reason of its own form, but by the power of the one who moves it. Consequently, whatever form or power an instrument has in addition to that which it has as an instrument, is accidental to it: for instance, that a physician’s body, which is the instrument of his soul, wherein is his medical art, be healthy or sickly; or that a pipe, through which water passes, be of silver or lead. Therefore the ministers of the Church can confer the sacraments, though they be wicked.

    1. You talk a lot armorrcc-but dont really say anything of value. How hard it is for the proud papist to admit that his theology is corrupted, his traditions confused and the “hope” he is offered is false and leads the unwary to hell…..

      If you want to know the truth about the transubstantiative mass, read what the English reformers have to say about it. Unlike modern neo-catholics who take for granted the privelidges of living in free democracies, those martyrs actually lived under papal totalitarianism, and knew the severity and cruelty of its vile methods first hand. They heroically identified and exposed the doctrine of the romish mass as a false and unecessary religious ritual that furnished romanism with its counterfeit spiritual authority-and were condemned to death because they refused to perform it, even under threat of execution.

      “Come not at it, If God be God, follow him; if the mass be god, let them that will, see it, hear or be present at it-and go to the devil with it. What is therein as God ordained his supper was ordained to be received of as in memorial of his death, for the confirmation of our faith, that his body was broken for us, and his blood shed for pardon of our sins; but in the mass there is no receiving, but the priest keeps all to himself alone. Christ saith Take-eat. No saith the priest, gape, peep. There is a sacrifice, yea, a killing of Christ again as much as they may. There is idolatry in worshipping the outward signs of bread and wine; there is all in latin, you cannot tell what he saith. To conclude, there as God ordained, wherefore my good mother, come not at it.”
      (John Bradford 1555)

    2. dear armorrcc

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      May I add that a Priest in mortal sin does not effect the outcome of the Mass.
      The ministers of the Church work instrumentally in the sacraments, because, in a way, a minister is of the nature of an instrument.

      My reply:

      It like saying that the carrier of gun is not responsible for the firepower that this gun represent.

      But lets separate the “Holy priest” from the “Holy Sacrament”.

      1. If the priest is a criminal, will the Church still be “holy”?
      2. If the Pope has been involved in hiding criminal priests, will he still be “The Holy father”?
      3. What will it take for a Roman Catholic, to renounce their own priesthood?

  7. False Catholic gobblydegoop. If a priest is not in the right frame of mind, if his heart is wrong, if he is steeped in sin, the Mass is completely and utterly void of any propitiatory element. If a priest misses any of the steps during transubstantiation or gets them out of sequence the Mass is ineffective.
    This is what you get with mystical, paganistic, man made and derived system. You never know that the Mass you paid for…for that relative in purgatory is successful in its sacrificial and immolative function due to the heart, mind, sin life, of the priest.
    Unlike biblical Christianity which relies on the “more sure Word of God” instead of the false traditions of sinful men.
    Instead we have a one time sacrifice by a perfect Priest. A God/Priest in the order of Malchizedek (no beginning and no end- no geneology…no mortal Catholic priest can meet that criteria). Christ’s sacrifice was “One and Done” a perfect sacrifice once and for all…no further sacrifices or continuation of what Jesus did at Calvary is needed… it only mocks God and makes Him out to be a liar.

    1. The holy Fathers observe, that the sacrifice of Melchisedech, (Gen. 14:18) offered in bread and wine, prefigured the unbloody sacrifice offered by Jesus Christ at His last supper. Hence it follows, that the Holy Eucharist is truly and properly a sacrifice as well as a sacrament, as the paschal lamb or passover of the old law was both a sacrament and sacrifice. For either our Saviour offered sacrifice at his last supper under the forms of bread and wine, or he cannot be called a priest forever according to the order of Melchisedech. For the different orders of priests are chiefly distinguished by their sacrifice. And if it be supposed that our Saviour only offered a bloody sacrifice, he would with more propiety have been called a priest according to the order of Aaron, and not of Melchisedech.
      Luke 22:19-20

      1. You know in your heart… Deep inside that what you stated as a true sacrifice is a lie, unbiblical (skewering the scriptures) and makes a mockery of Christ and the word of God both Old Testament and New Testament.
        “The God of this world has blinded the minds if the unbelievers” since Catholics are perishing things of the Spirit are foolishness to them.
        After cursing true Christians to hell for the last 1500 years through your dear anathemas, you have the audacity to call those who reach out to you to snatch you from the flames of hellbound Catholicism … And you call us hateful. Bigoted. Anti-catholic and catholic haters.

    2. More baloney. Check Matthew 16:18 instituting priesthood and also Luke 22:19 when Christ instituted the Eucharist. This was not challenged for 1500 years until the Reformation and then a free for all in reinterpreting Scripture.

  8. Catholics do things that are strictly forbidden. Have no other God before me and do not make images of other Gods. That means the saints. Praying to saints is against Bible scriptures. Praying to Mary is also another god. The only way to salvation is believing in Jesus Christ, but now your Holy Pope has said that you need not believe in Jesus but can still go to heaven. He has said we all worship the same God, including Allah. The catholic church is walking all over the Bible and the New Testaments. Making all those priests Jesus representative on earth is dead wrong too. Would Jesus molest children and harm them until the end of life? Didn’t he say you couldn’t suffer the little children unto me.

    1. Bottom line is that Catholic Church has been around since 33AD. Protestants are late comers. Which Protestant Bible do you use or could it be that the Protestant Bible was stolen from Catholics and then edited? Hmmmmm…Which Protestant interpretation are you? There are about 500 different Protestant churches and each believes something different.

  9. Catholic religion is of Satan. Like all others forms of man made religions. All trace back to Babylon. Satan is god of this fallen world and he has many faces.

    Just simply open Living Word of Almighty and ask him to reveal you the Truth, no matter what.

    John 10:9, 17:3, 1Jn 5:12 He that hath that Sonne, hath that life: and he that hath not that Sonne of God, hath not that life.

    ALL BORN AGAIN BELIVERS ARE KINGS AND PRIESTS, AND SAINTS so let go redicilous priests and mass doctrines of nicolaitans (rulers over laity – guess what, LORD hates that; Rev 2:6, 2:15)


  10. The catholic mass and a black mass are identical. What are you talking about? To command the infinite creator of the universe to get off his throne at the snap of a sinner priests fingers to be crushed and immolated all over again ( officially it is NOT a continuation of the same sacrifice).
    All to support a pagan system that glorifies death, skulls, blood, (tapped pope) decayed bodies (there are too decay you can see them on this site)
    To worship a God OTHER than the
    God of the bible. This is certainly satanic.
    Mary is a demon. Provably. The Christ is a different Christ. Catholic mass is exactly the same as a satan worship black mass. Sorry. If you don’t like it FLEE from Rome.

  11. dear armorrcc, watch on youtube film called CHURCH ON A HOUNTED HILL, ex catholic priest has nice testimony about that, and you can watch WHICH QUEEN OF HEAVEN by Doc Marquis

    open your mind and let Holy Ghost speak to you. dont be a fool, Jesus said that way is narrow

  12. We believe in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. Jesus said it in Matthew 26, Mark 14, Luke 22 and most formidable in John 6.
    In 1 Cor 10:16 Saint Paul gives no indication of a symbolic partaking. There is no hint of symbolism.
    Exodus 12:8 in order for the firstborn to be saved they had to eat the Lamb. Are we not to be saved by consuming the Body and the Blood of the Lamb as shown in John Chapter 6:33-58?
    1Cor 11:23-29, St. Paul repeats the words of consecration of Jesus Christ at the last supper.
    2Cor 2:10, the priest had become the hands and the voice of Jesus Christ.
    The priest is acting in the person of Christ, ‘In Persona Christi’.

    1. Dear armorrcc

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I see you duck my questions. Since I am the editor, you will have to answer if you want to continue commenting on this blog. No jumping around the bush will be permitted. Next, we shall debate the “holy sacraments”.

      1. I thought the questions were answered May 28, 2014 at 3:10 pm. My apologies if you did not see it that way. Here they are in short:
        1. Yes
        2. Yes
        3. Why would I want to give up my own priesthood? You may not think so, but Catholics are christians.

      2. dear armorrcc

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        I asked: If the Pope has been involved in hiding criminal priests, will he still be “The Holy father”?
        You reply: Yes.

        Well. Lawless men and criminals should be sent to prison, and absolutely not be used as spiritual guides. They are at best hypocrites, men God has branded as children of he devil, brood of wipers, and whitewashed tombs.

        Jesus speaks about blind guides, who leads blind people. They will both fall into a ditch. Leave them alone.

    2. First of all, if you belive book of Exodus is truth, read chapter 20, specially 4-6 and 8-11. Then compare it to the catechism. Be honest to yourself……why sholuld living God contradict his own word and came in a place full of idolatry and blasfemy? No way (DEU 27:15)

      Second, you belive Jesus is present in that circle you said. I explain up why that is not even remote possible. In the book of Hebrews 9:23-28 paul hammers it down 4 you and for adventists7D (who belive in IJ).

      Third, people in Egypt was not saved becouse they eat lamb, but because they obey YHWH and mark theirs doors with blood of a spotless lamb- it is a picture of PERFECT SON OF GOD (john 1:29,35).

      Forth, read John 6:63 and likewise 1cor11 you can conclude it is a memorial of Lords shed blood on Calvary. No need to buthcher him on an on and be canibal (heb 9:23-28).

      Ask YHWH that He may apply preciuss blood of lamb unto you. Just leave oll those pagan nonsense RCC behind (repent) and and belive in Living omnipresent God Almighty Jesus.

      Read eph 2:8-9 and may Lord (real one who loves you) bless you

    3. We are NOT saved by consuming transubstantiative mass, by theatrically rehearsing the death of Jesus, again and again and again, receiving a fake jesus fancifully imagined to be in or under the forms of the bread and wine. We ARE however saved by putting our complete trust in the FINISHED work Jesus accomplished to redeem us from our sins, by His own blood.

      Because of your obstinacy and pride, you are clinging to your inane man made version of a “real presence” when in fact you need to read Matthew 18:19-20

      “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

      THAT is the real presence-the Lord Jesus in communion with 2 or more born again redeemed saints who are in Christ. He lives in us by His Spirit, which is only possible when a sinner repents (first) then is baptised, and seeks the baptism of the holy Spirit, and begins to live a holy life of humility and self denial.
      Your artificial version is a counterfeit, a familiar spirit, that blinds catholics to true righteousness as described in the Bible, the salvation that is freely presented as a gift through Jesus Christ, and received only by faith-and conditions them as doomed to remain in legalistic false hope, and delusional self righteousness.

      The gathered believers (not just 2 or 3, but 120) experienced the real presence of the Lord Jesus on Shavuot. They were filled with the spirit and spoke the word of God boldly.

    4. armorcc, i was a catholic before and I know the eucharist in the mass. The priest prays over the host and wine and “converts” the bread and wine into Christ’s body and blood! How can that be? Jesus came down from Heaven and went into the host/wine so we can “eat” him??? This fact is in the Cathecism of the Catholic Church viz:

      It is very clear in the Bible that Jesus’ 2nd coming (not 3rd or 4th or 5th, etc) will come “At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.”(Luke 21:27, NIV) and what will we see and hear when He comes? 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17, NIV. “For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.” And how visible is His coming to be? Matthew 24:27, NIV. “For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” That’s how Jesus will come again! Not every Sunday, everyday or every hour eucharistic celebration of the catholic mass!!

      1. The first Protestants, Lutherans and the second Protestants, The Church of England both affirmed the Apostolic position that the Eucharist is a Sacrament and it is really Jesus Christ.

        It was John Calvin who initially taught definitively to his church otherwise. He denied the Eucharist is actually Christ and settled on the Eucharist as being not a mere Symbol, but something Spiritual.

        It was the post-reformational Protestants, the Anabaptists who followed the ideas of H. Zwingli who went so far as to deny everything in the Eucharist and claim that it is “merely” a symbol.

        This is the position of many modern Protestants today. Again, if this idea was first composed by H. Zwingli in the 16th century, how could it have been taught by the Apostles to Christ’s early Church?

        St. Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch and Student of John the Apostle in 110 A.D.:
        (Letter to the Romans 7:3 [A.D. 110]).
        “I have no taste for corruptible food nor for the pleasures of this life. I desire the bread of God, which is the flesh of Jesus Christ, who was of the seed of David; and for drink I desire his blood, which is love incorruptible”

      2. Dear armorrcc

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        Rome represent a falsification of Church history. Even if there are 100 Roman Catholic books written that copies the errors, quote each other, the lies presented will never become truth.

        Fist: Martin Luther rejected the Roman Catholic doctrine of transsubstitution. The very idea that Jesus can be taken out of heaven, and physically be confined into the round wafer on the alters of Rome. To be crucified all over again, and than consumed by those who attend this kind of mass.

        This kind of doctrine is truly cannibalism. Men is not supposed to eat human flesh, nor to drink human blood. It is an example of spiritual morbidity to claim otherwise.

        Martin Luther preached the Apostolic understanding of this dinner, in fact a meal. A remembrance of what took place in Jerusalem when Jesus the Messiah died on the cross, and shed His blood for the forgiveness for sins.

        Luther struggle with his Roman Catholic past, and concludes, that the wine (not blood), becomes the “real presence” of the blood of the Messiah, for the person, whom in faith, drink of the cup of wine.

        It is correct that many Apostolic Baptists, who represent the Jesus-witnesses of the first century, will not fully agree with Luther’s conclusion. Only the fist half of it. I am among them.

        Do not forget that Luther was a Roman Catholic Monk, who correctly belled the Pope as an antichrist. Luther was not raised a Baptist. The Baptists before Luther, always claimed that the wine is a part of a dinner (meal with believers), where the wine is taken as a token, where the part takers promise to never forget the blood that Jesus shed on the cross. When we take part in this dinner, we proclaim the death of Jesus till the day He returns.

  13. Armorrcc,
    In love, I hope and pray that you will stop and ask God to show you His truth. He will. If you are correct in your views then He will confirm them. If you have been deceived then He will enlighten you.
    If you sincerely and genuinely and humbly open up to Him with this request, He will reveal His truth to you.
    I asked Him to do this for me and He did.

  14. stop reading the catholic bible, their is only ONE bible , G-d’s anyone who changes one dot or tittle is cursed or adds to it . the truth gospel is the only one and we are to turn from any other. millions are leaving the catholic as they see the truth

    1. Hey Momma. The Protestant Bible came from the Catholic Bible! Protestants took the Catholic Bible and edited it for their own purposes. Jehovah’s Witness really screwed it up big time.

  15. You are promoting a false interpretation of the catholic mass. Catholics do not crucify Jesus again and again and again as you have stated. Rather the mass brings us to the feet of the cross and the one and only death of Christ on it. We are not attempting to do it again; we are there at the original crucifixion. And yes, we do eat his flesh and drink his blood. See John 6:53 ‘Then Jesus said unto them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, and drink his blood, ye have no life in you’ But like the many who left at this point:

    ‘Many therefore of his disciples, when they had heard this, said, This is an hard saying; who can hear it?

    61 When Jesus knew in himself that his disciples murmured at it, he said unto them, Doth this offend you?

    62 What and if ye shall see the Son of man ascend up where he was before?

    63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.

    64 But there are some of you that believe not. For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that believed not, and who should betray him.

    65 And he said, Therefore said I unto you, that no man can come unto me, except it were given unto him of my Father.

    66 From that time many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him’

    I guess that means you are one of those who found his truth too hard to bear.

  16. OUR MASS IS NOT A BLACK MASS,HAVE YOU BEEN INVITED TO A BLACK MASS,my priest has never bent over the alter and had his butt kissed,this continual campaign of yours is nasty and venomous,the pope is using this term as a comparison to say it is an act against GOD an act of depravity that belongs to satan not men of GOD, He was not condoning he was condemning it ALSO in saying this the pope needs to let the law deal with the preditory scum that commit these acts against children It is GOD law that says rather then defile the soul of an innocent let he have a millstone to his neck and cast to the deepest of ocean,he should not protect them in anyway NO sabbatical hiding no meditation,Castration and prison,is the answer and while there at it lets weed out all the perps,scouts,teachers,cops fathers uncles the next door neighbour etc etc This is not just a problem within the catholic religion this is a problem period !!!

  17. It’s good am not a catholic, that’s real darkness let them pray to Holyspirit to reveal to them the true God.

  18. Please can you all just keep quiet and respect each others Faith no one forced anyone to be a Catholic neither a Protestant. Am a Roman Catholic nun myself and I meet Lord Jesus Christ everyday in the Eucharist, in the Scriptures. So let us just leave all to Christ, who will judge the best. And I usually ask myself why all the time the protestants attack us Catholics. For me it means that maybe we are a threat, our Faith is grounded firmly on Christ. So live your faith and may God help us all.

    1. Dear Juliet

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      Am a Roman Catholic nun myself and I meet Lord Jesus Christ everyday in the Eucharist, in the Scriptures.

      My reply:

      Do you drink the claimed blood of Jesus during the mass, or do we have to be ordained as prists to do so?

      1. 1 Cor 11:27?
        “Therefore whoever eats the bread OR drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will have to answer for the body AND  blood of the Lord.”

        By eating the bread you profane the body and blood of the Lord. By drinking the cup you profane the body and blood of the Lord.

        Hence, the body and blood is contained under both species.

        The reason the host and the chalice are both the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ is because the sacrifice is complete. Jesus Christ’ Body and Blood were separated at the Passion, and His Resurrection reunited them.

        Jesus Christ lives and reigns, so that when we eat His Flesh, we also drink His Blood in the same moment.

        That said, the Presious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ is available at many Parishes during Mass and at all Parishes at least once a year.

  19. These perverted catholic priests know from experience just how far to take a child to see if they can use them for sexual abuse especially if the child is older – they are more cautious. They know the signs with an older child as to when to stop their attempt to see if a child will go along or possibly be a risk and expose them.

    1. i read a book called ’50 yrs in the ‘church’ of rome’ by charles chiniquey. he is very thorough about the abuses that go on in that ‘church’. it was a great read. the depth of the evil rome is involved with, and spreading constantly, is above what our minds can even understand.
      always rely on the written Word of God, my friend!

    2. You seem to know a lot on the grooming of children,either a perp or a victim or both but please put this issue in prospective ,there are many that do this,police officers scout leaders church leaders doctors uncles fathers brothers etc the salvo’s children’s homes and other homes not run by the RCC,yes they also are guilty but do not stand alone,

      1. while you are totally correct, i point out catholicism because they are the ones who come ‘in Jesus name’. catholicism is the ‘wolf in sheeps clothing’ described in the Bible. to understand rome is to understand that the evils go much deeper than evil pedophilia. they are trying to deceive the world! that is just what satan himself does.
        i am neither a perp nor a victim, i am a Christian who is well studied in the Bible and in roman deception. i was catholic for over 35yrs and i take the Bible to be the perfect Word of the Creator.
        Gods blessings for you and yours=)

      2. The comment above was to Eugene,as his comment was rather odd,most who molest children over a period of time use these type of method’s to gain trust etc .The truth is it is an abomination to GOD,and the catholic clergy will writhe in agony as will all who commit this vile sin,He know’s them and they are marked

  20. the 2nd to last paragraph addresses the protestant Christians who now serve as false teachers. the banner they will unite under is claim to worship the same god. they will gather under the day of rome and violate the Sabbath of the Lord. sunday worship is contrary to Jesus Christ, who has a ‘custom’ mentioned in Luke 4:16. the Lord of Creation says to ‘Remember…’ to keep His Day, the Lords Day, Holy. most Christians forget, this Day of the Lord is the 7th Day. His Sabbath!
    John 14:15 !!!

      1. Ma’am! thank you very kindly for asking that!
        in Revelation 14, right before His return for us, the Lord calls us (with 3 angels) back to proper worship. improper worship is littered in the OT; as the first killing was over false worship (Cain/Abel) and all through our existance in Daniel (with 3 hebrews in Chp 2-3, and Daniel himself in Ch 6). it comes down to this: Jesus asks us, out of love, to keep them: John 14:15. the last blessing is to those who keep all Ten (Rev 22). the final, end time deception, is to not get the mark of the beast. we know catholicism is the beast. we know from their writings that their ‘ecclesiastical mark’ is the changing of the Lords Day, from Sabbath to sunday.
        in the 1st angels message: call back to proper worship with a repeat of the 4th Command. the 2nd is informing us that ‘babylon has fallen’, of course this is rome. the 3rd angel says to not receive its mark, the mark of obedience to rome is to forget to keep Sabbath holy and keep sun worship day instead.

        remember too that in 1 John 2, it explains that, in the end, those who say ‘lord, lord’ and do not the Commandments, is a liar! and truth is not in them.

        God bless Ma’am!

      2. while i have addessed this question Biblically, i ask that you pray about the answer and do not minimize it. God speaks through His Word even today!
        what kind of an evil entity would change the One Command that has His seal in it? an entity of satan himself!!!

  21. As i have said in earlier post all religion is corrupted by man,Sodomy,homosexuality,rape and sexual depravity was being practiced well before the RCC The sodomite’s,were not Roman nor catholic,they were Canaanite,God had sent his angel’s/messengers to Lot,the male’s of the city came to his house and demanded to ‘KNOW THEM’,Lot offered his own daughter to be raped!! and in Judge’s 19.21 it tell’s of the brutal rape /murder of a woman in Gibeah,city of the Benjamin tribe,after her body was divided into piece’s and distributed to the twelve tribe’s of Israel.So if we look at the ancient hebrew’s and there practice’s, we can then say that prehap’s the RCC is following

    1. we know that God sees even the end of time. the rcc was not there at the beginning, though many falsely claim this. catholicism was what happened with the amalgamation of church and paganism, this is why it is still so thick in that ‘church’ today.
      so, while God is trying to show us the end times deception, HE thoroughly outlines the papacy in Rev 17 (more but space is limited). there are entirely too many clues too.
      i was astonished when i learned this, after 35+ yrs of believing the lie called catholicism! but remember, satan is gonna come close to the real thing or else it would not be a deception!
      God bless Ma’am, i pray you let the Word of God guide you. catholicism HATES the Word of God, this is why they have grossly distorted it in so many ways.

  22. The pope worships the devil and all who follow him are headed to hell. Jesus is the only way to heaven. Plus I believe the pope is going to try to bring on one world religion along with the president and government to rule over the world and to make all follow the beast. So I’ll say now open you’re eyes ppl too what is going on around the world dont be fools and follow these wolfs in sheeps clothing!

  23. All the people who commented above are the true Satan worshiping the devil, they fear the The pope and the Roman catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Is the only one true religion here and the Pope is the Supreme head of this true religion which is the true Religion

  24. a true church would not have to change so many times as the rcc has. an angry pope changes the sabbath to sunday. money laundering for the mob. priests having nuns succumb to them and getting them pregnant in ireland, in america and in nations around the world then burying the newborns with lime. all things are written in the Book of Life. all things will be revealed. i put my faith in Christ Jesus my Lord and in His Father and our Father only. i will feed my soul and spirit with the Word of God, both the old and new testaments. i will try to do unto others as i would like others to do unto me. i will believe in Love and i will believe that Love is of God. i believe that because of the sin in my veins that i cannot be whole or true until Jesus forgives me. this world will always have reason to argue over the vanity of the vanities. there is two sides to everything in this world and satan laughs as men war over the lies and defend one side or another. i believe in a world without satan. i believe in a world that is everlasting. a world that has Jesus as my Lord. a world without a false clock that tries to tick out my time. i can sometimes see into it as i read the Word of God. but first i have to overcome so many things like pride and hate and selfishness as i walk through this game of life. i will pray for all my brothers and sisters in Jesus’s name. i will not put too much regard or importance into what i do in life. i will put the importance in whom i choose to serve. in my house we choose to serve the Lord.

  25. JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN,I left catholic church after 29 years,i was lost,now I am free in JESUS CHRIST MY LORD AND SAVIOUR.I no longer bow down to images,Mary cannot forgive sins,ONLY JESUS does that,pope lied and said there was failure at the cross, WHAT?????? That is blasphemy,does he even read The Bible? Wake up my Catholic friends,come to JESUS, THE LOVER OF OUR SOULS.

  26. I’m not RC, but I’ve looked into all these allegations. It’s a smear campaign mainly based on what this guy who runs “ITCCS” (a one-man “tribunal” which he claimed was in Brussels but is actually in Canada) and people keep repeating it and spreading slander all over the place. International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State:
    The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (or ITCCS) is a one-man blog that pretends to be a tribunal established to enforce common law.[1] Despite claims of being based in Brussels, the whole thing is written in Canada by Kevin D. Annett, a defrocked[2] United Church of Canada minister.
    The ITCCS came to some notice in the social media sphere in February 2013, when Annett issued a claim that Pope Benedict XVI resigned for fear of arrest on an ITCCS warrant[3] and the hard-of-thinking forwarded it around as if this actually made sense. The website did look fairly professional at the time, although it has since decayed heavily.
    Previously, Annett had made his money claiming to represent the interests of native Canadians. Until they told him to stop it.[4][5]

  27. I pray for all the sinners posting here, that they may be saved through faith in Christ our Lord.
    I pray for the end of hatred and intolerance of others with whom we disagree; that we love our neighbors as ourselves.
    I pray that the anti-Catholics here will show the love of Christ to their fellow Christians and that God will grant them the wisdom and understanding to realize the difference between human sin within the Church (which will always exist, since it is made of humans) and the beauty of the divine revelation given to the Church by God.

    I ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen.

  28. Just learn from historical FACTS how the Vatican butchered millions over the years, even as recent as the Balkan wars up present.
    How past popes behave like wild animals, killing, stealing, selling the papal position, raping own relatives, the wife of others, young boys even animals.
    I do not see how this cult could be holy. It is even unthinkable how blindly followers were fooled.
    These are not even tip of the ice berg.

  29. You say, “Jesus the Messiah”. Do you know what that means? Do you know what “Messiah” means? I know it means “Anointed One”, but what does that mean for us? What is the importance and significance of Jesus being the Messiah?

  30. I was once a Catholic.. but as i see it now, they worship Mary.. Thanking Mary more than Jesus.. Praising the quotes of Mr Francis.. doing rituals more than following what God requires which is to change thteur attitude as a true acceptance of Jesus Christ..

  31. this article is not truthful; it is written by a Jew and I am a Catholic; I have never criticized other religious persuasions unless they were blatantly false like this one, stating that every Mass is a black Satanic ritual. Our Mass is our most sacred liturgy and you should show respect for something which is shared by over 1,200,00,000 people even if you think it is wrong. My wife is Buddhist and I respect her beliefs. Some of my friends believe nothing and I respect them and I would not hurt their feelings.Protestants were once Catholics and many are rejoining Catholicism At least one belief allows paedophilia, Sodomy, polygamy, sex slavery and animal sex etc and you must know who they are. Jesus founded the Catholic faith and the Jewish Priests crucified Jesus who is God, so the Jews have rejected God when He came as they thought God would be a powerful King to free them from the Roman empire. I think an apology is required from you to the Pope and the Catholic Church.

    1. Dear Brian Murphy

      Shalom and love in Jesus.

      There was a lot of errors in your comment.

      1. I am not a Jew. I am a Christian.
      2. Jesus did not form the Catholic Church. Jesus was a Jew, and his first followers were Jews in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria who belived He was the Messiah.
      3. The Jewish priests did not crucifify Jesus. Soldiers from Rome in Italy did. If you read and understand the gospel, you will discover that your own sins crucified Jesus. And He is not dead. HE is ALIVE!…

  32. It’s really sad how many are so brainwashed!, and have never searched for themselves. They just do as there told, they all have the same answers. If I were Catholic, I would be searching, it’s not normal for a church to molest children over, and over, hide it from authorities, send them to another parish to do it again.
    Denouncing the word of God, after they say they put the bible together, which is a lie,,, and don’t believe the all scripture they pick and choose scripture to believe! Man I would be seeking some truth
    The Catholic Church never encourages them to read or be in a bible study.
    It’s all man made literature from the Catholic Church, they believe, never the word of God, so deceptive.
    Why wouldn’t you want to know God, his word is so amazing, he in dwells in us, and it changes us!
    They tell you what to pray, how to pray, how to live, and what to believe, that’s Jesus job, not a man calling himself father, having ppl kiss his ring a bow to him, living in mansion!

    I’m sorry I see nothing holy about catholic religion, it’s rituals, it’s repetitive, you don’t get taught anything, you don’t bring a bible to church, I can’t imagine, it’s so empty.

    I pray you wake up, and read the bible ask Jesus to speak to you, you eternal life depends on it, who cares what some religion told you, and how long a church being around? It’s about knowing your father who loves you, who died for you, who desires to know you, your his child, he loves you!

    I could never pray to anyone else, no saint, no Mary, they didn’t die for me, I want to glorify his name, I what to pray to Jesus, I don’t need anyone but him, knowing him is freedom, he doesn’t give rules, he changes you so the old is gone you no longer want to be like you were!
    He never condemns us, unlike the Catholic Church,,they guilt you to death.
    Jesus is love, that’s why we love him, bc he loved us when we were sinning, and he died for us in our sin nature, no man, nor church will do that.

  33. Oh boy the 600 year old arguments still alive an well ! Simple ; Jeaus gave his authority to St Peter . The Bible was translated by St Jerome a Catholic linguist monk . So your all reading a Catholic book . Lol … At every turn they will attack us with there crazy theory’s . So sick of it . Jesus established His Church on earth with it being named Catholic , which means universal . So it all inclusive even inter planetary ( yes I said it ) why because God created it all no mystery … The Catholic haters will always be . So what ! They you see are afraid of TRUTH … The End … I don’t an won’t hate you back . Love to all . Stop playing God … His Church has lasted since He came for us … All the rest is nonsense !

    1. Dear Vicent.

      Shalom and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:
      1. “Jesus gave his athority to St. Petter”. This is wrong. The truth is that Jesus have his authority to all who are willing to follow him 2. “The Bible was translated by St. Jerome. This is wrong. The truth is that the bible was written in Hebrew, and translated into Greek. Than into Latin.
      3. “So you are all reading a Catholic book”. This is wrong. The Bible is a Hebrew book. Jesus was a Jew. All the apostles were Jews. Also the author of the different books of the bible were Jews.
      4. “Jesus established His Church on Earth with it being named Catholic”. This is wrong. Alle the first followers of Jesus were Jews. They whorshiped Him in Jerusalem in Israel, in their homes and in te temple court.
      I suggest you read the bible, Vincent. Rather than listent to the systematic lies of the papal priesthood.

  34. @job3627

    You stated: “It is simply a lie perpetuated by the Roman Catholic “Church” that “the Gospels were written many years after Christ had risen from death.” The letters from the Apostles (that make up the New Testament) were written from barely 20 to 55 years after the Resurrection.”

    You just refuted your own statement.

    You stated: “When it became apparent that Jesus was not going to return in the lifetimes of the eye-witnesses to the Resurrection, it was determined that their recollections needed to be written down for future believers. They were circulated through the churches, as soon as they were written. The Bible existed as basically the same one that we have today from way before it was formally adopted at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D.”

    If this were the case, why are there many books that were not included in the canon of the NT? See the Wikipedia page on the “Bible Canon”.

    You stated: “Look up the “Codex Sinaiticus” and you will see that that is so. The Holy Spirit-inspired Bible is the ONLY sure foundation for faith and the practice of the faith. You have been deceived by Catholic dogma. Read the Bible for yourself.”

    Hmmm…I guess if you believe that the canon was the same, I’d challenge that assertion because according to the Wikipedia page you’d suggested, the canon of the OT books should’ve also included the following books as well:

    Book of Tobit
    Book of Judith
    1 Maccabees–4 Maccabees

    It would also not include certain verses & phrases from the NT canon…

    So…again we must ask, how then was the canon decided for these early Christians who supposedly believed in the Bible as their sole rule of faith when the completed Christian Bible had as yet been compiled & the canon unsettled?

    Please look at 1 Timothy 3 KJV (BibleHub):

    14 Although I hope to come to you soon, I am writing you these things

    15 so that, if I am delayed, you will know how each one must conduct himself in God’s household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth.

    It is THE CHURCH which is the pillar & foundation of truth.

  35. @ivarfjeld:

    You stated: “The Pope is right. The priests, bishops and cardinals who abuse children in front of the altars, have just conducted a black mass. They have been involved in devil worship.”

    To quote the Pope as reported in the Boston Globe article above:

    “…when a priest subjects a child to abuse, it is as if the priest has celebrated a “black Mass” as part of a Satanic ritual.”

    “As if” means “similar” which means “resembling without being identical to something” (Oxford English Dictionary Online). The Catholic mass is not a black mass. To make such a statement demonstrates ignorance of the reality of Satanism, or have you not heard of how Satanists steal the consecrated hosts of the Catholic Church at times so that they may desecrate them in their black masses? Have you not heard that they can tell the difference between the Consecrated Hosts & the unconsecrated hosts (Some of whom have openly mocked other Christian churches because they know they have nothing to fear from them – unlike the Catholic Church)? Apparently Satanists know the difference. The black mass mocks the Catholic mass. Wikipedia has a page on the “Black Mass”. It is ironic that they enemies of the Church know the truth of the Blessed Sacrament while other Christians disbelieve it.

  36. Hello to all the confused and not sure…..ya know I take the time to find the truth to the matters all the time…but if we must judge which we should never but ….. atleast take the matters to your own hands and do the math …if it quacks like a duck it’s usually a duck….so look at the snail trail behind the scenes….of residential schools and the long list of children that are in victims statements…..so let me clear my throat…. There is only one that we are to worship and it is God…. God is the alpha the Omega the beginning and the end God has put everything that we have here for us his angels are here for us but we are not to worship his angels as we are pending that outcome…. If we worship anything at all other than God that is frowned upon we are not to get down on our hands and knees for anyone or for anything other than God……it’s very simple….God isn’t confusing he gave us ten Commandments and the rest we have the power of choice….he gave us the chance and opportunities to become great little God Fearing Man and Woman….so again it’s not meant to be hard to understand…. although when others make it hard and confusing they are normally hiding something inside of something else….. kinda like fine print in the application for a credit card….so I say it again…I pray in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit Amen….simple … read your Bible….B=Basic i=Instructions b=Before L=Leaving E=Earth that’s what Bible stands for….Basic instructions before leaving Earth…..Bible. Now stop worshiping anything as God does not want us to worship anything other than him no brick no stone no bone no blood he wants us to worship the one and only GOD……now take that dusty Bible off the shelf….and read for your questions and answers…… And look for one that has the firmament in it at the very beginning….now go and find other lost souls and bring them back to God’s good grace…..that’s part two of our new purpose……find lost sheep 🐑….xo

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