Happy readers gladly give

A lot of people would jump with joy if the exposure of Roman Catholicism ends, and News That Matters is closed down.  

We are in need of glad and committed readers.
We are in need of glad and committed readers.

Are you one of them?

Those who wants the state of Israel to become a failure, will also rejoice. When any of the committed pro-Israeli blog’s are removed.

If you want this online Newspaper to continue please contribute. If you desire to read this blog without contributing, I guess it doesn’t matter if we are here or not. Does it?

Please support us. Press the support button today.

May Jesus the Messiah bless all glad givers, with all kinds of heavenly blessings. Amen.

Written by Ivar

6 thoughts on “Happy readers gladly give

  1. The post implies that none payers are judged as desiring the failure of Israel. The only option offered to readers to escape that judgement is to make a contribution. And then we are told that the blog is not at risk of closure.


  2. What is going on? Why this lack of money? If this work is a service for God and Mesiah, it doesn’t require money.

    1. Dear all readers.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      There has been a donate (support) button on this site for a couple of years. I have no arguments with people who do not desire to use it.

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