They change Biblical words

False Christians have always tried to claim and redefined Biblical words. And given them a new age meaning.

These two leaders represent 1,5 billion deceived souls. Fykse Tveit and the Pope.
These two leaders represent 1,5 billion deceived souls. Fykse Tveit from WCC and the Pope.

From 1932 onwards, the Nazis claimed to represent true Christianity. But Hitlers “Jesus” was anyhow a different “Jesus”. But the Nazis had managed to claim the Biblical terminology, and given the “key words” a different and new meaning.  “Tru love” was to support Hitler. A good Christian, was a person who believed in the justification of Germany’s right to lead Europe into “true peace”.

This redefinition of true Biblical Christianity, ended in an apocalyptic catastrophy.

Likewise, the Papacy claims the ownership to Biblical terminology from 325 A.D onwards. “Baptism” is one of the words that the Papists redefined. From meaning the classical orthodox Messianic immersion of the Messiah in the Jordan River, to a ritual enforced on infants by Roman Catholic Priests.

Also the word “love” changes. True love in love for the Pope and his “holy priests”. To be a “Christian” is to adopt the new world view from Rome. The center of Biblical Christianity is changed from Jerusalem to the old center of paganism.  Both the calendar and the Biblical laws are changed, and replaced. Even the festival of Judaism celebrated by the Messiah is banished from being a legal part of “Christianity”.

Luke 19:40
‘I tell you,’ he replied, ‘if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.’

The false Christians have never succeeded, and they will never be able to abolish true Christianity, and replace it with the doctrines made by wicked men. Jesus the Messiah bluntly said that the forces of the Kingdom of Darkness (Hades) will never prevail against His true Church.

 Matthew 16:18
And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it.

Surely, no spirit filled born again Christian will never stop searching for the truth, live by it, and share it with his generation.  When the religious authority demanded that the decibels of Jesus should keep quiet, the Messiah had a clear cut message: “If they ever stop sharing the message, there will be stones on the ground who will start to talk”.

What kind of Christian are you?

Do you submit to evil?

Have you become a friend of the World?

Are you a present enemy of the gospel?

Paul the Jewish Apostles told us to examine our selves, to see if we still hold on to the true Orthodox Apostolic faith in the Messiah who walked the talk in City of King David.

Written by Ivar

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