Copts desire unity for Easter

Coptic Orthodox Pope Asks Pope Francis to Unify Date For Easter.

The Coptic Pope wants to celebrate Easter on the same day as the Vatican.
The Coptic Pope wants to celebrate Easter on the same day as the Vatican.

In an effort to set a single date for all Christian Churches to celebrate Easter, Pope Tawadros II of the Coptic Orthodox Church has sent a letter of request to Pope Francis.

The apostolic nuncio to the Arab Republic of Egypt, Archbishop Paul Gobel, responded to the request yesterday by inviting the patriarch to send a representative of the Coptic Church to the next assembly of the Synod of Catholic bishops, to be held in October and dedicated to the theme of the family, reported Fides.

Unifying the dates of the Easter celebration is felt with particular urgency in North Africa and the Middle East because often churches and Christian communities live together in the same areas, but each has a different Easter date depending on whether it follows the Julian or Gregorian calendar. (D.C.L.)

Source: Catholic news agency, Zenit

My comment:

There are many benefits of using the came calendar all over the Word. But keep in mind that Jesus the Messiah did not use Pope Gregory’s calendar, nor the Calendar introduced by Roman Emperor Julius Caesar in 45 B.C.

The Biblical calendar is the Hebrew calendar. The festival of Passover is every year celebrated on 14 nisan.  Jesus celebrated passover inline with the Hebrew calendar.

The Church Council in Nikaea in 325 A.D was the first gathering of Bishops who stated to ban the festivals of Judaism. Later, the claimed “Church” moved deeper into Replacement theology, bigotry and anti-semitism.

Why is the use of calendar important?

The blood moon occurred in April 2014, in the heavens above Jerusalem. This was a sign that could easily be understood by all who read the Hebrew Biblical calendar.

People who stay focused will understand the sighs on the heavens above.
People who stay focused will understand the sighs on the heavens above.

The day of the Biblical passover is a non-event, for all who obey the papacy. The Pope is the lawless man, who changed the set time. Just as God of the Bible explained through his prophet Daniel.

Please focus on the events that take place in Jerusalem, and be a proper Messianic proselyte to Judaism. Than you will understand what the Messiah is doing in our time.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Copts desire unity for Easter

  1. Nice moon, looks to close to be true 🙂
    Is it real picture?
    People really dont know how close we are to the second comming of Jesus.
    Joel says:
    14 Multitudes, multitudes
    in the valley of decision!
    For the day of the Lord is near
    in the valley of decision.
    15 The sun and moon will be darkened,
    and the stars no longer shine.
    16 The Lord will roar from Zion
    and thunder from Jerusalem;
    the earth and the heavens will tremble.
    But the Lord will be a refuge for his people,
    a stronghold for the people of Israel.

      1. Dear Gloria J.

        Shalom, and love in Yeshua.

        I wrote:

        The blood moon occurred in April 2014, in the heavens above Jerusalem.

        My comment:

        It is true that the total moon eclipse did not occur in the sky over Jerusalem. The full eclipse was only visible over parts of North America, South America, Alaska and Hawaii.

  2. Ivar,

    Shalom va emet. This is not a new discussion between these two portions of the Roman assemblies.

    You are correct about the council meeting from 325 AD.

    Within the documents from the First Ecumenical Council of Nicea, there is a portion titled “EXCURSUS ON THE SUBSEQUENT HISTORY OF THE EASTER QUESTION”, where it is stated: “Alexandria and Rome could not agree, either because one of the two Churches neglected to make the calculation for Easter, or because the other considered it inaccurate”, and “Romans were mistaken in placing the full moon a little too soon; whilst the Alexandrians placed it a little too late. At Rome the equinox was supposed to fall on March 18th; whilst the Alexandrians placed it on March 21st.”

    Here one can see that the timing was based on the equinox, instead of the biblical calendar given by G-d in His Word that the Hebrews (Jews) followed.

  3. So why write …”The blood moon occurred in April 2014, in the heavens above Jerusalem. ” the wording is very clear ‘Where and When’! This is not
    like you Ivar to ‘imply’ in word or in ”using a picture”…it is like the enemy to do this stunt…instead of making excuses…a ‘simple I was wrong in so doing’ to your brothers and sisters who ‘do believe your words speak truth even when you do in error’ is worth more gold than this world has to offer…as for the heathens…they may be won, even if one is won that is one that is equally worth more than all the gold in this wicked world, by your Truth (thru Jesus). Your Sister in Christ Jesus… the way I have not received any of your letters since you have changed your layout yet I have given my email ‘many times’…is there a ‘fee now? or just an error in the New way or has everyone gone to Facebook which was ‘said at one time fully mentioned not a good thing to do…(smile I still have those advices also…guess they have changed and another site has expanded to ‘reach’ more? I have a hard time looking at that blasted ugly Catholic Death Skull on this page every time I open up Newsthatmatters… yet I still do pray for you all and try to flip thru the page quickly as not to see it…(smile) (yes I do check the notify the block)

    1. Dear Andrea

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      I have admitted my mistake, and explained where and how the moon appeared. I have also corrected the text. What more do you desire to see from my pen?

  4. All of those men in the picture dressed up like royalty look completely demon-possessed with a wicked smile to boot. Jesus never wore elaborately decorated robes with gold and jewels.

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