Swedish Word of Faith pastor Ulf Ekman secretly converted to Roman Catholicism in 1998. In March 2014 he went public.

Ulf Ekman admits he spiritually converted to Catholicism in 1998.  Here together with wife and the Pope.
Ulf Ekman admits he spiritually converted to Catholicism in 1998. Here together with wife and the Pope.

This is a recorded story from the Roman Catholic weekly “The Catholic Herald” in the United Kingdom:

Were you baptised a Lutheran as a child?

Yes, I was. I was born and raised in Gothenburg, which is a big port.

You were ordained in the Lutheran Church in 1979, but by 1983 you were founding the Word of Life church in Uppsala. Had you left the Lutheran Church to do that?

I had not left the Lutheran Church, but I left the ministry in the church. What I felt in the beginning was the need for a Bible school. In starting a Bible school we saw that we had to receive people from many different denominations, not just spirit-filled, charismatic Lutherans.

Are there sacraments in the Word of Life church?

Yes. In the beginning I would say it was very much low church and free church teaching, which was an emphasis on the Word and on the movement of the Holy Spirit. Step by step and since maybe 1998 we started to emphasise the importance of Holy Communion. I also wrote a little booklet about it and that booklet has been spread a lot, actually. I was quite surprised. As a Catholic, I think you would appreciate it, because it has a very Catholic view on the Eucharist.

Do you mean: what is the Word of Life church or what is the universal Church?

I would say both. What are we in essence and what is the Church? We would talk about the body of Christ and we would all give at least lip service to some form of unity.

Is it true that when John Paul II visited Sweden in 1989 the Word of Life church prayed against his visit?

Yes, that is true unfortunately. Even though my theological studies were quite liberal, they were still quite anti-Catholic. In Sweden – especially in free churches and in charismatic circles – there is an outspoken anti-Catholicism. I was influenced by that and lived in it.

Is there one main spiritual experience that has led you to become a Catholic?

There are several experiences. What happened, as I said, around 1998 was really a quest for what the Church really is.

Did you see John Paul II as a Christian leader?

We didn’t see him as Antichrist. We did not have those ideas. But we saw him as coming with teachings that maybe were not rooted in Scripture.

Source: The Catholic Herald

My comment:

I started to warn about Ulf Ekman already in 2008. In 2009, the Charismatic Lutheran’s in Livets Ord in Uppsala celebrated the Eucharist.

At this time: Few, if any, of the Pentecostal leaders went public with their objections. If there were any.

  Revelation 2:2
I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked people, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false.

Ulf Ekman could have come out of the closet on an earlier day. But that would have harmed his finances. It steed of being honest, he continued to cheat on Evangelical Christians. Not only in Sweden and Scandinavia. But in large part of Eastern Europe and into Russia. Hundreds of thousands still believed he at least was a Reformed Christian. Christian leaders in many nations was spiritual blindfolded, or supported this falsehood.

Such is the nature of betrayal. Rome has a 1.700 years record of doing so. Surely, nothing is new under the sun.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all these souls, deceived by Ekman and his flock.

Written by Ivar