No peace with PLO and the Hamas

Israeli PM asks the PLO to chose between Israel and the Hamas.

The US tries to force Israel to make peace with Islamic terrorists.
The US tries to force Israel to make peace with Islamic terrorists.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu criticized the Palestinian Authority on Monday, saying that its threat to dissolve and the ruling Fatah faction’s efforts to forge unity with Hamas indicate a lack of desire for peace.

“Today, we saw the Palestinian Authority speak of dismantling itself and also talking about unity with Hamas,” the premier told revelers at a Mimuna celebration in Or Akiva. “They should decide – either dissolve, or enter into a union with Hamas. When they want peace, they should let us know. Because we want a genuine peace.”

Palestinian officials in Ramallah on Monday denied that the Palestinian Authority has been considering dissolving itself if the peace talks with Israel fail.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

The Oslo-accord was not a “peace deal”. It was rather the start of a new war process. The Norwegian peace brokers bought the Islamic idea, that Israel must be dissolved piece by piece.

This kind of dirty war, is also called the “salami principle”.  A stronger military opponent can not be dissolved by winning a war. But to the radical opposite. The enemy must be destroyed by losing its motivation to fight, and submit to a “peace plan” that cuts enemy lands into smaller pieces.

Israel woke up to this new reality during the second intifada. A heavy price to pay for permitting the PLO to establish a terror base on the Mountains of Zion.

As long as the PLO is present in Ram’Allah, there can never be peace for Israel. The “war process” can just be delayed, till the day the Islamic terror force is airlifted to Doha or Tunis. Basically, back to where it operated before the Oslo war process started in the 1990-ties.

Behold: The Messiah is watching, and about to return. We will soon hear his footsteps in Jerusalem. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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