Daily bread from the life of Y´shua

John 2:3

When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem.

The Messiah was a committed Torah observant Jew. Like his brothers and sisters in the flesh, He did travel up to Jerusalem to partake in the great Jewish festivals. One of them was the Jewish passover, the celebration of the day in Egypt when God of Israel ordered the destruction Angel to pass over Jewish houses who had applied the blood of the lamb. Soon Jesus was going to be sacrificed as God´s perfect Passover lamb, so that those who believe in Him shall not be destroyed by God`s coming wrath as a punishment for sin.

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  1. Greetings and humour in disparet times…what personal trinkets save one from GODS wrath for sin…a six gun is concretness most respect is it not??And blaming others by making scapegoating entrenched behavior always leads to these end days …I cant do this to myself ..My bad is my bad and into the fires of hell Ive gone …repeatedly..so there is some temporay benifit from blaming a poor little jew for tge worlds problems but it just not gonna work past three days of festivals cause it just comes right back to idiots and too many babies destorys yhe enviorment resourses ..over and over…stop this ancient idiocy please or Else

  2. And please note the change of Gods ..nice and forgiving is now everyone run cause ZEUS just settled in and we are all screwed from generosity and over production while resources dwindled past critical levels oh and toxins are new nurients while isotopes from japan and elsewhere need be given a chance to express the changing genetic potentions while kid scientists recover dinosaurs and dragon creations that are enviornmentaly responsible .So if you hear odd snarling and gasping its just a test on explosive gas mixtures adjustments to the modified intestinal gas producing microbes conversion ratios …more on electric boa constrictors and glowing the dark feces….

    1. If anyone can contact john brennen from cia ..he is running dhs drones ..let him know jeff s ok now and alls forgiven ..steady hands ..plenty targets here in hawaii…night dive is still open if ya got the stones….bring flashlight …I need another mission..this time tell me ahead what the hell it is….

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