Amnesty promote new Nazi state in the Middle East

Human rights group Amnesty International wants a Nazi-style Islamic state capable of persecuting Israel.

Amnesty International support Radical Islam, in a bid to destroy the Zionist state.
Amnesty International support Radical Islam, in a bid to destroy the Zionist state.

Amnesty International on Thursday welcomed “Palestinian” Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’s move to seek admission in some 15 UN and international organizations, conventions and treaties. The group further urged the Arab Palestinians to sign up to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

Abbas’s move came in the midst of efforts to seal a deal by which Israel would have released hundreds of Palestinian prisoners and implemented a partial settlement freeze in exchange for a Palestinian agreement to continue peace talks and refrain from seeking membership in international bodies.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

It worth noticing that Amnesty International has “okayed” human right crimes against the Jewish people.

The Arab terrorist organization “al Fatha’ refuse to accept International law, by recognizing the state of Israel’s right to exist. Still Amnesty wants to persecute Israel, by misusing the International Criminal court system.

This remind me about the Nurenberg laws in Nazi-Germany. There was one set of laws for German’s of aryan origin. And there were a separate law system for people of Jewish origin. Not only was this racism. It was a systemic system of persecuting people based on their ethnic origin, and belief system.
What has triggered Amnesty?

Israel’s refusal to release more blood thirsty Islamic killers.  Amnesty seems to support a premium system. If an Arab has slaughtered a Jew, he should be rewarded. Not only by being released from prions, but also being honored for demonizing the state of Israel.

Shame, shame and eternal condemnation awaits all who support this evil.  Repent, or perish.

Written by Ivar

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