“Cynical attempt to exploit Jewish values”

MK Danny Danon desire the release of Jonathan Pollard, but not as a bribe to compromise Israeli security.

Danny Dannon warns about massive deceptions thrown on the Jewish people,
Danny Dannon warns about massive deceptions thrown on the Jewish people,

This is what the Israeli Deputy Defense Minister has written in an OPED in Israel Hayom:

We want Pollard, but not like this. Israel has become used to making concessions. Every time a new round of negotiations with the Palestinians commences, even though their failure is predetermined, Israel is asked to offer goodwill gestures without expecting anything in return.

“Creative” solutions emerge only from the Israeli side, while the Palestinians do not budge an inch from their positions. They refuse to recognize a Jewish state, they seek Jerusalem as their capital, and they cultivate terror, even going as far as to name city squares after terrorists who committed “ideologically” motivated murder. When you offer such “partners” gestures, they are interpreted as weakness and proof that terrorism works.

One of Israel’s more convoluted gestures is the release of bloodthirsty terrorists from Israeli prisons. Every time Israel sits at the negotiating table, it is asked to release yet another batch of killers, terrorist masterminds, individuals who clearly seek to jeopardize our security.

Jonathan Pollard.
Jonathan Pollard.

The Americans, who have been leading the current round of peace talks, don’t stop for a moment, often obsessively exerting pressure on Israel to compromise and offer gestures. With all due respect to our important friend — I well understand our bilateral relations and appreciate both our robust relationship as well as the U.S.’s significant, ongoing contribution to Israeli security — I expect Washington not to practice a double standard.

Would the U.S. release individuals swearing to continue waging jihad in order to liberate their lands?

Definitely not.

Introducing the name “Pollard” into the equation is a cynical, harmful attempt to exploit certain Jewish values, including the value of “returning our sons to their land,” over others.

Our friend the U.S. is forcing us to try to complete an unfair equation: one prisoner for 426. One man, who paid his dues over dozens of years in prison, who is not a threat to society, for hundreds of menacing terrorists, several of whom committed murder or were complicit in the slaughter of hundreds of Israelis.

Source: Israeli Hayom

My comment:

The pagans have little time left, before the returning Messiah will bring judgment to the World.

Men like Barack Hussein Obama and John Kerry is in a hurry to terminate the Jewish statehood. If they cant, they will face stern judgment for their life in sin. Simply because the existence of Jews living on the Mountains of Zion, is a bona fide prof that God of Israel is God almighty.

Every dirty trick under the sun, is played in a bid to bring the end of Zionism. The Israeli population face temptations, bribes, political pressure and outrageous blackmails.

To play the Jonathan Pollard card in the middle of the final “peace negotiations” is just one of many examples.

Obama feel the release of Pollard, will butter the Israeli public, and increase the chance of secular Israelis betraying the settlers in Judea and Samaria.

All who support this falsehood: Repent, or perish.

Written by Ivar

One thought on ““Cynical attempt to exploit Jewish values”

  1. Why is it that Israel is always the only one expected to make concessions, even before any discussions are held. I wonder what the world’s reaction would be, if Israel was the one to demand recognition of their right to exist, before she consented to talk? The world would say that she was being unreasonable. My question would be this…. If Israel doesn’t really exist, then why do you even want discussions?

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