Pope need the cash of the mafia

Francis’s stance on organised crime in contrast with church’s perceived former reluctance to criticise mafia bosses.

The Pope looks for repentance and cash from the criminals.
The Pope will see a lot of cash on the table before the mafia can be granted access to heaven.

Pope Francis has made his strongest attack to date on the mafia, telling organised crime bosses they will end up in hell if they do not “convert” and give up their lives of “bloodstained money [and] blood-stained power”.

In an echo of John Paul II’s appeal to mafia dons to renounce their “culture of death”, the Argentinian urged mafiosi to “stop doing evil” as he held an unprecedented meeting with hundreds of victims’ relatives in Rome.
“I feel that I cannot conclude without saying a word to the protagonists who are absent today – the men and women mafiosi,” he said, quietly but forcefully. “Please change your lives. Convert yourselves. Stop doing evil.”

The meeting in a church near Vatican City was the first time a pontiff had taken part in events tied to a day of commemoration held annually by the anti-mafia organisation, Libera. During a prayer vigil, the names of 842 victims were read aloud.

In his address, Francis made special reference to an attack on Monday in the southern Italian province around the city of Taranto, in which three people – two adults and a toddler – were shot dead in an apparent mafia hit.

Source: The Guardian, UK

My comment:

If you do not know anything about Roman Catholicism, this massage from the Jesuit-Pope might sound reasonable.

But if you are able to read between the lines, you will understand the full message.

A mafioso can only escape hell by going frequently to confession. And where there is plenty of sins, there will be plenty of sin offerings and penance…..And only the clergy man can issues the size of the “penalties” that the mafia bosses will have to pay, to gain salvation.

The Pope is basically saying: “Hey guy’s. Bring back the cash”.

Do not be fooled, by rather expose the true face of Catholicism.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Pope need the cash of the mafia

  1. If the Pope is so concerned with the salvation of those who are belong to organizations that practice a culture of death; then why doesn’t the coward start with Islam? After all, It is the Muslims who are killing Christians every day, not the Mafia.

  2. …… telling organised crime bosses they will end up in hell if they do not “convert” and give up their lives of “bloodstained money [and] blood-stained power”. … and …. he said, quietly but forcefully. “Please change your lives. Convert yourselves. Stop doing evil.”
    What a farce!!! If that is so, then shouldn’t the RCC practice what he just preached???

    1. Good morning fellow soldier,
      I agree whole heartedly! I’ve noticed lately, both nominal, and liberal Christians, are becoming more vehement in their defense, of the indefensible. I have exchanged beliefs with many blogers, telling them that the Catholic Church is not a Christian organization. As a result, they consider me to be unChrist like, because of my slander against the ‘church.’ and by warning them that by siding with the Pope, and by extension, the Catholic Church, by making excuses, thereby giving them cover, and by monetarily supporting this blasphemous, corrupt, antichrist, organization, that they run the risk of sharing in her judgements.

      I am being ridiculed, and laughed at. I am told that if I were a real Christian, I would not dare to pass judgement on anyone. I’ve been informed on many occasions, that I am a huge hypocrite for not being loving towards fellow ‘Christians.’ I try without much success, to explain that as a sinner, I do not have the right to judge, in the sense of handing down a sentence, only Yeshua has that right. However, by using discernment, imparted to all believers, by GOD’s word, we can, and must, judge between what is holy and what is profane. This is a very simple principle, everyone should be able to grasp this biblical concept. Sadly, it seems to be lost on many.

      Have a blessed day,
      Your sister, in Yeshua!

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