Netanyahu put force on Ya’alon

Comments not intended to express opposition, criticism or offense to US, says Ya’alon to Hagel following wave of backlash from Washington.

Netanyahu forces his own minister of defense to crawl in front of Obama's men.
Netanyahu force his own minister of defense to crawl along the carpet in front of Obama’s men.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon found himself apologizing for the second time in recent weeks for harsh comments made about the US government.

In a phone conversation with US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on Wednesday night, Ya’alon said that his comments “were not intended to express opposition, criticism or offense to the United States,” adding that maintaining strong ties with the United States is Israel’s utmost priority.

Ya’alon expressed his appreciation for the close relationship Israel shares with the United States, and emphasized his full commitment to cooperation between the two nations.
Hagel thanked Ya’alon for his clarification, acknowledging that some of the comments may have been taken out of context.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu already began his efforts at damage control earlier in the day.
Hours after senior US officials slammed Ya’alon for his latest criticism of American policy, Netanyahu told the Knesset on Wednesday the US remained Israel’s greatest ally.

Source: Jerusalem Post

My comment:

In Washington D.C, an ally in the Middle East has to be a puppet, and the daily business must be ran as a Banana Republic.

When Ya’alon has to apologize to Obama and his men, it is a sign of the dramatic rise of totalitarian forces in the USA.

What is the error of the Minister of Defense in Israel?

He told the truth about the US paying all the bills of the PLO. That Mahmoud Abbas is not a man of “peace”, but rather a terrorist who ploy for the next war.

That Ya’alon is forced to apologize, is the work of Benjamin Netanyahu. This kind of duplicity in the mind of the Israeli Prime Minister, takes his credibility into question.

Behold: Israel is a nation split right down the middle. The Jewish people face opposition from within, and from the outside. Just around the corner is the surrender of Zionism, and adoption of Obamaism.  Only the Messiah can change this. And He will return and spoil the new age party.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Netanyahu put force on Ya’alon

    1. Dear Tvillingsyster

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      Well written, thank you Ivar.

      My comment:

      Thanks. Return to sender. Love and grace.

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