Peres “Abbas is a true partner for peace”

President Shimon Peres expresses sheer support for PA President Mahmoud Abbas, who will meet with US President Obama later Monday.‬‬

Shimon Peres seems to have given an oat to support the enemies of peace and God of Israel.
Shimon Peres seems to have given an oat to support the enemies of peace and God of Israel.

President Shimon Peres said on Monday that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is a “true partner for peace.” Peres made the remarks upon an expected summit later Monday in Washington between Abbas and US President Barack Obama.

During a meeting Peres held with human right activist Rose Mapendo, the president stressed that Abbas is a man of principle who objects to violence and terror.

“We are at a crucial stage of the negotiations and we must do everything we can to ensure they carry on,” said Peres. “There is clear majority and agreement on a solution of two states for two people.”

Peres added: “We must continue working with the Palestinian Authority and Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas). He is a good partner and I am glad our government is negotiating with him. Disagreements are a normal thing and that is why there are negotiations – to solve disputes. There are also issues that we do agree on such as the war on terror.”,7340,L-4499946,00.html

My comment:

Shimon Peres buys the Islamic narrative of history, and accept that Judea and Samaria is no longer Jewish districts of the state of Israel.

The problems with such a view, is that neither will Haifa or Tel Aviv be Jewish. Because there were someone else living there before 1909.A.D.

If you do not use your Bible as the source of God’s instructions to the Jewish people, you will be carried away by the political winds to the present time. If Peres continue to support the Saudi Peace plan for the Middle East, he will basically end up betraying Zionism and his own people.

Behold: Many Jews have always lived in rebellion against their God.  No the end of these age is just around the corner. Only by submission to the blood of the Messiah, you can find peace with God.  He did not die in the cross at Calvary Hill to pay for his own sin. The Lamb of God paid for your sins, you you should not perish.

Written by Ivar

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